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Can Your Eyeliner Last This Long?

This month, my whimsical fairytale adventures continues with another Alice In Wonderland themed makeup product!

Famed for their award-winning One-Day Tattoo eyeliners and eyebrow makeup from Japan, K-Palette is back with an astounding Disney Alice In Wonderland collection! *shrieks*

This new collection is not only nicely wrapped in our favorite Wonderland themed packaging, it also comes with a blending tip to help you create more alluring and sexy cat eyes.

I heard that the new eyeliners are also infused with an improved formula that gives them a more intense payout as well as a longer staying power. I guess I’ll have to put those claims to the test then!

Check out the video below for a glimpse of my day wearing the ultra long lasting K-Palette Disney Real Lasting Eye Pencil in Brown Black.

After many hours of wearing the eyeliner while carrying out my studio chores, I must say I’m pretty impressed with its long lasting and smudge-proof abilities. I actually unintentionally touched my eyes a few times and was pretty surprised to find my flick still intact. Haha! Yay! This means no more panda eyes after a long sweaty shoot day!

And guess what?

Besides giving you the gorgeous winged eyeliner look you deserve, K-Palette also wants to send you to Japan!

Win Tickets To Japan!

To enter the K-Palette lucky dip, simply purchase 3 or 6 from this K-Palette x Disney range and win air tickets to Japan for yourself and possibly a buddy too!

Visit to find out more!

Have fun and good luck!

Your friend, Juliana



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