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Bringing Beauty Out of the Box with Honeyz Cube’s very own blog!

In case you haven’t been keeping up with my Honeyz Facebook page – my beauty encyclopedia, Honeyz Cube has its own blog now at!

Yay! And it’s written not just by me, we also have two new lovely ladies on board, both of whom have a discerning eye for beauty and perennial fashion looks.

I’ve had friends and readers ask me what the difference is between my blog and the official Honeyz Cube blog.

So I’m going to answer all those burning questions of yours right now! Click for more! Well, the key distinction between the two blogs is – one is written solely by me and the other by three very awesome ladies with a ginormous passion for great skincare, cool makeup and supernova fashion.

Uh.. and one of them is me. 😛

The ladies of the Honeyz Cube Blog. From left to right: Tiffany, me and Rusty.

The idea cropped up when I formally registered Honeyz Cube earlier this year. This means has kind of become the corporate website of my new company.

Even though is a spin-off from my blog, I decided to separate the two for business and personal reasons.

If you’re a beauty junkie and fashion enthusiast like me, you’ll probably want to read more than one view on your favorite topics, so I invited two of my good friends with entirely different fashion and beauty tastes to share their takes on the latest in the market. They are Rusty and Tiffany and you can read all about them here.

This means you get three times the knowledge, three times the beauty and three times the fun!

Collectively, we’re known as the Honeyz Cube’s Belles!

Occasionally, I’ll also invite other beauty and fashion devotees to share their thoughts and views about their favorite topics. So the Honeyz Cube Blog is pretty much like an online editorial with a personal touch to it.

There are also many new developments to with the launch of the beauty discount shop, the Cube Store and an upcoming mobile app.

All the latest exciting Honeyz Cube news, discounts and promotions will be announced first-hand on the Honeyz Cube blog.


My life has gotten more colorful and meaningful this year and I want to share that with you.

I’ve gotten engaged to a wonderful man two months ago and so, in the coming months, I’ll be posting more about my wedding planning journey here.

And since is now the official website for my company, I thought I should untie both entities and update them separately.

This is also because I don’t think the members who’ve signed up for beauty are interested in the founder’s private life. Haha!

So both websites now have their own content and character!

Moving forward…

Nothing changes on this blog. I’ll still be posting my product reviews, fashion know-hows and travel experiences here.

But if you’re looking for more than one view on a particular product I’ve reviewed, you can check out the Honeyz Cube blog where the three of us will share our thoughts on the same product or service. There’ll also be more pillar articles on the other blog as our Artist and Purist, Rusty and Tiffany are constantly trying out new looks and products. Time for some beauty awakening! Haha!

Finally, I want to thank you again for your unwavering support. I wouldn’t be able to start this blog, get nominated for blog awards and start Honeyz Cube without you. I hope you’ll continue to walk with me on this amazing journey.

Cheers to more great makeup, more sartorial extravaganzas and more awesome content!

Your friend, Juliana


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