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Bridal Beauty Log: My DIY Wedding Looks

A timeless, sleek bridal look need not come at a hefty price or with an exorbitant amount of makeup.

Oh wait, if you’re expecting this to be another beauty tutorial to show you how I added the bit of oomph to the eyes or created the luscious cascading waves, you’re not quite right.

As you already know, I decided to defy convention and DIY my own wedding looks for my photo shoot last month. Honestly, it was intimidating for a makeup novice like me but I realised later that all I needed was some good makeup tools, great sartorial choices and tons of practice.

I guess the rule of thumb is to keep the embellishments to a minimum and pick dresses that are not only imbued with panache but that also reflect your taste.

So I thought before I demonstrate how I did my makeup, I should first show you the different looks I’ve come up with for the shoot.

Bonus! Also gonna showcase one of the photos from my wedding shoot. 😛

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My bare naked face. Watch me transform!

My jet-lagged eyes were instantly brightened after a few swipes of some gorgeous purple and gold hues from Esyoro Makeup.

This is the eye shadow look that I’ll be showing you how to do in a later post.

I was going for a Princess Belle-inspired look, so I curled and half tied my hair.

Then added a bejewelled hair band to up the Disney princess factor. Haha!

Psst! I got this gorgeous head piece from

I did not wanna let my makeup overwhelm my features, so I kept the makeup simple with light pink cheeks and a stained pout.

I channelled my inner Belle in this flattering toga dress with drape details from Loov Production.

Since I wanted to create my own rendition of Belle, I discarded the traditional off-shoulder ball gown design but of course kept the iconic yellow tone because you know… it is legendary. 😛

Giving the Disney Princess look another go with a wreath headband and beautiful prim lace gown (also from Loov Production.)

Loov offers some of the most affordable and beautiful dresses I’ve ever seen. In case you’re wondering, I’m not sponsored by them but I’m truly in awe of their quality and impeccable service. Check out their collection here.

Please ignore the madhouse behind me. Seriously, who has time to tidy the room when you’re dressing up for the biggest photoshoot of your life? 😛

Budget-savvy bridal tip!

This was supposed to be my Snow White dress. But I decided to recycle it for my Sleeping Beauty themed shoot and inject some royal edge into it by swapping the floral band for a sparkly tiara and adding a long flowing veil.

Who says you can’t create different looks with the same dress? It saves money and also space in your suitcase!

My Cinderella look!

We all know that Cinderella is always covered in cinders from the fire and since I was also going to film a Cinderella-themed wedding video too, I chose this ash grey dress from Love Potion to represent Cinderella’s unfortunate plight.

I wore my hair in a pony tail and wrapped the elastic loosely with a section of my hair.

Lastly, traded the flares for this figure-hugging dress from Love Potion. It is actually my most favorite look of the lot – Old Hollywood Glam.

This has nothing to do with Disney. In fact, it was inspired by James Bond.

Why 007? Because my lovely fiancé invited me to a James Bond themed cocktail party a year ago, under the pretense that it was his friend’s soiree. Then he proposed in the presence of our family and friends. Awww… sniff. Full story here.

So we decided to pay homage to that memorable evening and put our own spin on the cool James Bond style for our wedding shoot.



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I’ll be doing another photo shoot later this month. If you’d like to keep up with my Secret Garden Fairytale wedding deets, follow me on my Instagram (@Anastasialove22) and my Facebook page at!

Your friend, Juliana



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