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#Bobblianahome: A 3D Perspective Of Our New Home

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Can’t believe our last update about #Bobblianahome was almost a year ago. To help you recall, this was our last post – Our New Home.

And now, it’s time for another #Bobblianahome entry to clue you in on our latest developments. Yay!

You last heard we were going to update all the fixtures, lightings and appliances and our plans included – creating a Dolby Atmos home theatre, getting a convertible dining/pool table, building a fireplace and many many more!Can’t forget – also styling the ultimate Girl Cave! Haha!

Well, we did get a dining/pool table and a fireplace but to create a a Dolby Atmos home theatre, we’ll need to upgrade our electrical system and rewire the entire house. The project is a home-tastrophe, I tell you!

This means our house will need to check into design rehab and get a complete makeover.

Initially, we wanted to take matters into our own hands and design the place ourselves. It can’t be that hard, can it? So we started picking our brains to conceptualize everything, from the shelves to the faux ceilings.

Well, of course our design didn’t take into account important structural factors that impact the existing concealed pipes and wire system. Another important component is project management. We had to draw up a comprehensive construction schedule with all our prospective contractors. This we reckon, is going to upset our stress meter even further.

Finally, we decided to hand all our designs to an Interior Designer our friends recommended and guess what? He came up with some pretty badass 3D drawings within weeks!

I thought it would be fun to show you what they look like before we embark on this crazy Interior Designing ride. Click to check out the photos!

We wanted a cozy European setting so our designer added a touch of modern Edwardian elements in the designs. Here we go!

The Boudoir (aka Master Bedroom)

Present State:

Designer’s 3D Impression:

Master Bathroom

Present State:

Designer’s 3D Impression:

Living and Dining Room

Present State:

Designer’s 3D Impression:

You might be wondering why on earth we would need a fireplace in Singapore? Well, here is one reason:

Over here at the Stryker household, we are huge Christmas fans, and nothing warms the cockles of the heart more than seeing a fireplace surrounded by Christmas goodies!

The faux fireplace truly brought the magic of Christmas into our home and was an extra special treat for my hubby, reminiscent of his days as a little boy growing up in the UK.

As seen on my Snapchat:

Who knows, maybe one day our own kids will be just as excited by it. 😛

Kitchen Present State:

Designer’s 3D Impression:

Guest Room

Present State:

Designer’s 3D Impression:

Girl Cave (aka Study Room)

Present state:

Please don’t judge me. I know this is an insane mess. I’ve a good reason for this.I moved all my shelves to Honeyz Paint House so for the time being, I can only house all our DVDs and products erm… on the floor. :p

Designer’s 3D Impression:

I’m actually pretty happy with most of his designs except this last one for the Girl Cave. Think it looks more like a Man Cave now. Haha!

I have some ideas that I gathered from Pinterest for my Girl Cave so I’ll probably be adding my own girly touch to it. Stay tuned for the next #Bobblianahome post!

Meanwhile, for instant snippets of our new home, follow this tag #Bobblianahome on Instagram.

Have fun!

Your friend, Juliana


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