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Black Box’s First Birthday and New Look!

One of my most favorite sampling box services, Black Box, recently underwent a facelift and celebrated its first anniversary at the eco-friendly Green Room Cafe.

Woo hoo! Happy birthday Black Box!

Their inaugural party was graced by many prominent social media influencers as well as a very splendid assortment of beauty brands.

Besides the grand showcase of its latest look, Black Box also treated us to some ethno-botanical cuisine with fusion asian flavors by their venue partner, the Green Room Cafe.

Needless to say, we also walked away with… wait for it…

… a GIANT Black Box! Haha! Click for all the scoop and loots!

And this is the new Black Box design!

Can’t tell the difference? Juxtaposed both below for your comparison!

The new box is sleek and compact with a matte surface that is extremely smooth to the touch. Inside, the box is nicely lined with mini Black Box logos that scream chic.

And now off we go to the most happening party of the evening!

Oh wait, let’s post an Instagram #OOTD first. 😛

At the party…

Our excitement was ignited by this ornate monogram backdrop at the photo booth.

Picture time!

With the wonderful Fidelis of

Joanne, Esther, Kobelco, me and Melissa.

The hallway was jam packed with enthusiastic bloggers within minutes.

Their list of partners include:

Star Lash (which you can also find on the Cube Store)

Jacqueline Burchell (Coming to the Cube Store soon)

This was the star product of the night – JACQ. They are as long-lasting as gel polishes but are as easy to remove as regular nail lacquers. Can’t wait for their official launch later this quarter!

Most whitening toothpastes cause dryness at the corners of my mouth. And so far Darlie’s Expert White toothpaste has been pretty gentle on my skin as well as effective in maintaining my pearly white smile. I’ve been stocking my toiletries stash with these amazing toothpastes!

Need more convincing? Yina, the ambassador of Darlie, conducted a simple experiment to show us the heavenly results of the Darlie Expert White toothpaste. You can view the demonstration here –

Amazing. isn’t it?

Many bloggers have raved about these ADORE feminine hygiene products as they are not only super slim but also super absorbent.

Their anti-bacterial functions have been laboratory tested and proven to be extremely effective in suppressing bacteria growth caused by prolonged wearing of sanitary napkins. Their super high absorbency properties ensure you can forget about embarrassing moments caused by side leaks and backflow. In addition, you can be assured that ADORE products are not bleached as no recycled cotton is used which greatly reduces the risk of skin reactions and sensitivity.

Another revolutionary product that is effective and non-invasive on the skin. This patented beauty device uses light-emitting diodes to deliver low-level pulses of light via different wavelengths to create positive and optimal effects on the skin.

They have kindly lent me one of their most popular products, the Magic Duo, to try for a few months. In case you’re wondering what the duo does – it lightens the skin and stimulates collagen production while constraining pigmentation, minimising sun damage and smoothing out fine lines.

Psst! If you’re still skeptical of the power of light therapies to heal the skin, read this article. 🙂

Their products are natural, nutritious and tasty all rolled into one! Unisoy’s Instant Organic Soya Milk offers nutritional benefits in a delicious and convenient way. The best part is – it is naturally lactose-free so it is perfect if you’re lactose-intolerant or simply prefer a non-dairy beverage.

I was totes excited when I learnt about their colorants and paraben-free formulations as it’s extremely difficult to find products that do not contain these chemicals these days. My most favorite is their multi-purpose Marine Algae Spa Micellar Cleansing Water that cleanses, tones and moisturises!

After the tour, we were asked to fill in this form to indicate the products we want in our giant Black Box.

Yeap. It’s huge!

More photos with my lovely companions before we call it a night!

Catch the event live in action with this video below. :

And now let’s unbox the Black Box!

Check out the hordes of beauty goodies.

Here’s a rundown of what’s in the box:

ADORE Sanitary Pads

Darlie Expert White Toothpaste

L’oreal Paris Thickening Tonic

Ziaja products, namely: – Ziaja Goat’s Milk Eye Cream – Ziaja Marine Algae Spa Deep Moisturizing Cream – Ziaja Marine Algae Spa Micellar Cleansing Water

Star Lash products

Unisoy products

Jacqueline Burchell (Will be doing a review on their products soon!)

Beneath the sea of goodies in the giant Black Box, lays the real February Black Box that offers fab miniatures and samples from the various brands mentioned above.

Would you like to receive a Black Box too?

Subscribe at and and key in “HoneyzBB” in the referrer code column to stand a chance to receive your very own Black Box too!

Also, like Black Box on Facebook at for exciting Friday Giveaways and info on their latest promotions!

Check out this video for all the info:

Your friend, Juliana



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