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Bifesta Sensitive Micellar Cleansing Lotion

“Self care is a divine responsibility.”

Keeping my skin alive and fresh feels more and more like a losing battle week after week.

City life has its perks but alas this is not one of them.

Taking pause to comprehend what my skin has to go through, I’m not really surprised.

Imagine long days on the road in the sun, disturbed poor quality sleep, dehydration, eating only if we get a chance, vehicle exhaust and digital light pollution at every turn, it’s like a multi-pronged attack.

I have no choice but to apply some light makeup to camouflage the signs of fatigue, but the drawback to this is that after 15 hours on the go (occupational hazard of running a 24-hour mobile clinic), I really just want to KO onto my bed the moment I get home, which as I’m sure you know, is a big no no when it comes to good skin health.

Failure to properly clean and take care of your skin leads to inevitable consequences such as clogged pores, breakouts, worsening of pigmentation and fine lines, which pretty much sums up the road I’m on unless I do something pronto!

It doesn’t really help my cause that most makeup removers require multiple wipes to remove everything, so much so that I’m wide awake by the time I’m done!

Thankfully, this all changed when I was introduced to Bifesta’s new line of makeup removers.

But before we get to that, here’s a fun fact!

I first started blogging in 2011 and the very first beauty product launch media event I was ever invited to was a Bifesta event!

Little old me was excited, nervous, happy, anxious, there was a whole cocktail of feelings but ultimately I got to discover some great products.

I’ve remained a big Bifesta fan ever since and now going full circle, trying these great new cleansers literally has me awash (get it) with all kinds of rose-tinted memories of those great times.

Bifesta clearly hasn’t been sitting idle, their new line of cleansers are packed with all the latest goodness.


Targetting Sensitive City Skin

To reiterate the extent of the problem, the environmental aggressors of urban living have been inherently linked to premature ageing and aggravating skin conditions such as eczema and hives.

Fine particulate matter, known as PM2.5, caused by exhaust fumes, industrial processes, smoking, cooking and other common metropolitan activities, are many times smaller than the pores through which our skin breathes which in turn causes inflammation that accelerate the development of age spots and wrinkles.

Sounds like we need a skincare superhero to fight these skincare supervillains!

Well, the wait is over! The new Bifesta Sensitive Micellar Cleansing Lotion is refreshing, non-greasy and maintains a great balance between gentle care and powerful cleaning properties.

Suffice to say, it effectively cleanses your skin without drying it out while the absence of harsh chemicals (oil, alcohol, fragrance) means it’s suitable even for sensitive skin like mine.

Removing mascara has often been a point of contention for me. It usually takes so many wipes of cleanser that by the time I’m done, my eyes are sore and uncomfortable. To make matters worse, on one occasion I even developed a chalazion in my eyelid from using a more greasy makeup remover. It took a whole year of eyelid hygiene and warm compresses before it finally went away.

Thankfully Bifesta’s latest Micellar Cleansing Lotion cut through my makeup easily, removing it quickly while not stinging or irritating my eyes at all. Its enhanced formula makes cleaning so much easier, without the tugging and rubbing. This is largely attributed to its key ingredient Pullulan that acts as a shield to lower friction and strengthen your skin with a protective barrier.

This means no more redness and fallen eyelash casualties! Cool beans!

As you can tell from all my gushing, this makeup remover ticked all the correct boxes for me. Effective, gentle, non-greasy and non-stingy.

It’s no surprise that all my friends have been raving about it on social media too!

So if you’re like me and in need of a quick, gentle yet highly effective cleanser, then here you go! And you’re welcome! You’ll be thanking me later. 😀


Now available islandwide!

Good news everyone!

The Bifesta Sensitive Micellar Cleansing Lotion (300ml) is now available at all major drugstores, supermarkets and department stores and retails at SGD18.90.

Besides their iconic Bifesta Cleansing Lotions, they also offer a wide range of products such as cleansing wipes, eye and lid makeup removers and carbonated foaming whips to make sure your skin problems never rear their heads again.

Hit up Bifesta’s website, FB and IG pages to find out more!

Finally, have fun and keep sparkling, belles and beaus!

Your friend, Juliana


Disclaimer: Please rest assured that even though this post was created in partnership with Bifesta, it does not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are objective and genuine. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.


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