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Beauty Review: Vita Green Lingzhi

Vita Green Lingzhi

On top of regular physical activities, good sleeping habits and a healthy diet, good health is also inherently linked with a good dose of vitamins and nutrients.

So sometimes, I’ll take health supplements to ensure that my body gets adequate quantities of essential nutrients. To be honest, I’m not a supplement advocate because of the many supplement debacles. For this reason, I’ll always scrutinize my supplement ingredients carefully before taking them.

These days, I’ve been taking Vita Green’s Lingzhi Supplements which is made of natural Lingzhi herbs.

Keep reading to find out why it is the top TCM health supplement in Hong Kong and why I’ve become a fan.

Vita Green Lingzhi review

Our modern hectic lifestyles make it difficult to maintain a balanced diet, so Vita Green’s Lingzhi health supplements make sure you take in enough nutrients to protect your organs and keep them healthy with their key ingredient, Lingzhi.

Lingzhi (Reishi) is the rarest and most precious of Chinese medicinal herbs, renowned for its superb healing powers and free from side effects. Lingzhi has long been prized for its ability to strengthen the heart, boost energy, improve memory, refine the complexion, promote good circulation, restore health and lead to longevity.

Vita Green Lingzhi Singapore review

Vita Green Lingzhi not only enhance human immune system, it also facilitate detoxification, improve complexion, slow down aging and rich with anti-oxidant.

Here’s a quick list of its full benefits:

  • beauty

  • anti-aging

  • Improve appetite and energy levels

  • anti-oxidant

  • reduce allergy symptoms

  • reduce white hair

  • reduce age spots

  • improve sleep

And it achieves these great benefits by combining six different types of Lingzhi. Each colour of Lingzhi serve different functions and benefits

  • white for lungs

  • green for liver and eyes

  • black for brain and kidneys

  • violet for replenish vital energy

  • red for joints skin and heart

  • yellow for spleen and intestines

Vita Green Lingzhi review

It is recommended to take one to two capsules daily for maximum health benefits.

Vita Green Lingzhi review


I always had trouble swallowing pills. The gag reflex seems to kick in everytime I open a pill bottle so I was extremely glad that the lingzhi capsules were not too large. I could swallow them easily.

Vita Green Lingzhi review

I’ve been taking the supplements for a week now and so far, I haven’t witnessed any major improvement on my skin but I did experience an energy boost while jogging. I run 30 minutes on the treadmill every week and each time, it’s a huge torture. I usually feel breathless and tired after a mere 10 minutes. I did my weekly run again two days ago and alarmingly, I did not feel tired and could even run an extra 10 minutes more than the usual 30.

I usually feel sluggish in the mornings. These days, I feel more energized and my mind feels clearer and refreshed. So if you’re looking to perk up for an important meeting or study for your exams, the lingzhi supplements might be the way to go.

On top of alleviating tiredness, I’ve also been able to sleep better in the night. With long term use, I hope to bid my insomnia problem goodbye.

Each bottle contains 72 capsules which will last about 2.5 months. I’ll continue taking them everyday in the next couple of months and will let you know via my facebook page if I notice any significant improvement in my complexion.

Meanwhile, 3.5 Honeyz crowns for its energy boosting properties.

The Vita Green Lingzhi is now available on Shopee at SGD81.75.

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