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Beauty Review: Rehab London

To all my favorite martians, is the unwanted stubble, embarrassing shine or dehydrated skin from the last few boys’ nights out beginning to get to you?

Then it’s probably time to check into beauty rehab.

Nah, I’m not suggesting that you fill your grooming routine with a hundred complicated products and steps that could make even a beauty-loving girl go topsy-turvy.

But rather to make minor modifications to your regimen with an easy-to-use range of masculine skincare products from new kid on the block, Rehab London.

It’s the brainchild of hair and makeup artist, Lisa Hilton who is also a perfectionist when it comes to natural and ethical grooming products.

I read about Rehab London’s laser-like focus on producing natural products which are power packed with effective ingredients that are free of SLS, paraben and petrochemicals. So I introduced the new line to my fiancé Bobby who has no inkling about skincare. Haha!

Read on to find out how he fine-tuned his beauty regimen with Rehab London’s products. 🙂

Bobby: This week I’ve put the movie reviews on hold to bring you the lowdown on the new men’s grooming range from Rehab London.

Men and skincare products are two things that do not go well together. Trust me, no matter how much of a social norm it is now for men to use grooming products, and we definitely know we need it, it’s a necessary evil that we really hate. Most guys, myself included, hate applying thick, sticky, icky creams on their faces and we usually can’t wait to wash them off. So making a range of products that we can truly accept is a tough one. So have Rehab London cracked the Da Vinci code? Let’s find out!

A woman has specifically formulated the entire range for men! Well, we don’t really know what’s good for us anyway so that’s fine by me. The entire range is 95% naturally derived and is proudly free from parabens and other harmful chemicals. The scrub specifically contains volcanic sands from Tahiti, bamboo spiny medulla granules and a special pumpkin enzyme to exfoliate the skin and get deep into the larger pores that us fellas have.

The scrub has a very earthy smell and quite a watery consistency, perhaps to allow the scrub to more easily penetrate into our pores. After using the scrub, my skin felt clean and fresh, as if I’d perhaps just had a volcanic mud facial. Admittedly, I wasn’t a fan of the consistency and more importantly the smell, well, at least until my fiancé caught a whiff of the fragrance. Much to my surprise she loved how masculine it smelled, who knows, perhaps there are pheromones in the scrub too?! Haha!

Cold is indeed the correct word to use here. Apply this gel and in a few short moments your face will feel as if it’s covered in toothpaste. It serves its purpose well, lubricating the razor blade as it glides over the face while argan oil, witch hazel and aloe vera cool the skin after the assault is done.

Now I haven’t had a wet shave in years and that definitely showed. My face was riddled with small cuts afterwards and what was worse was that I still hadn’t managed to shave off all my stubbles. So I went ahead and applied another round of the ultra cold shaving gel, this is where things started to bite. The shaving gel really stung on all my cuts and scratches.

Needless to say, I won’t be giving up my electric shaver anytime soon. I think anyone who wet shaves regularly would not have faced the problems I did and would quite enjoy the cooling effect the gel has on the skin. Those like me who are less adept with the blade, may want to give this a miss.

A balm intended for use on aggravated irritated post-shaving skin. The balm is nicely cooling and lacks the bite which is often present when using traditional alcohol containing after shaves. The balm exudes the same natural earthy smell which most of the Rehab London range has. It feels very soothing on the skin after a raw razor shave (especially if you’re as bad at shaving as I am) and its semi-runny consistency lends itself well to being applied quickly to where it’s needed after shaving. Worth checking out.

There are two big factors which age the skin and promote the development of fine lines and wrinkles, UV light damage and inadequate moisturization. Men’s Morning Glory is a daily moisturizer for normal to dry skin, with antioxidant skin renewing Hawaiian water algae, cocoa seed butter, antibacterial African pepper extracts as well as UVA and UVB protection! This bad boy has it all.

The product feels good on the skin but again there’s quite an earthy smell which may not be to everyone’s liking, but given all the benefits for your skin and the aforementioned affect on the ladies, this is well worth looking into.

Touted as the ultimate anti-fatigue cream, designed to fight the appearance of tiredness after a long night, to make you look fresh and ready for anything, this sounds like what every guy wants from a facial product! Featuring similar properties and ingredients to the Men’s Morning Glory cream, this blend also contains Ginseng extract to invigorate and detoxify the skin.

The moisturizer feels and smells very similar to Morning Gory. Did it make my skin look fresh and alive?? Perhaps a tad more than usual but it still can’t beat a good nights sleep. If sleep isn’t an option, then check this out! You can even use it as a skin pick-me-up after a long haul flight as you jet set around the globe.

This is my favourite product in the entire range. I often joke that my oily skin could probably solve the world’s oil shortage problems. Needless to say, with oily skin comes shiny skin, and in Singapore the weather works against me to turn my face into a shiny light bulb visible from space.

This product really does what it says on the tin!!! So much so that I have now incorporated it into my morning skin care regime.

Normally I don’t apply anything in the mornings as traditional moisturizers usually result in my face becoming way too oily as the day progresses. Men’s No Shine is genius! It smells nice and very different to the rest of the range with a pleasant light fragrance. It applies nicely and just when you’re about to think that it’s just the same as any other moisturizer something magic happens and your entire face mattifies in front of your eyes. There is no oily feeling and surprisingly, I felt that my skin was more refreshed and energized using this than even the Men’s Revive Survive cream.

Once again, this cream contains Hawaiian water algae packed with their antioxidants and skin renewal properties, rooibus extract and UVA/UVB protection.

Final thoughts…

So there you have it, Rehab London’s latest skin care range for men. Overall, a good range of natural products for the modern man, although the natural earthy smell may not be to everyone’s liking.

For me, the product that really stood out was the Men’s No Shine cream. I would recommend it to anyone hoping to protect and moisturize their skin while also mattifying and removing unwanted oily shine. This is one product that I’ll be coming back to! =)

So there you have it ladies.

As always, it has been a pleasure writing for

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Until next time, Bobby

Rehab London is now available on the Cube Store.

* Free normal delivery included. 🙂


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