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Beauty Review: Lactacyd White Intimate and Lactacyd Revitalize

Sponsored Review

Look what arrived in the mail today?

Now I can feel clean and refreshed, and look fairer and younger at the same time!

Curious?! Read on!

Here in our little sunny island of Singapore, we experience summer all year round. Well, we all know that this naturally translates to beach frolics and bikinis all year round too! 😀

But here’s the downer.

You’ve been working on that Victoria’s Secret bikini body.

And you’ve finally achieved it after grueling months of hardcore workout and dieting. (Congratulations!)

You’re just in time for a major beach party… but you realized you’re still afraid to step out.


Because you noticed you’ve neglected a certain ‘v-zone’ for a while and now there’s an unsightly shade at your southern region.

How dreadful. 🙁

So despite the happy sunshine, your world probably still feel like this.

Well, now we all know that – Bikinis also come with bikini line maintenance.

Okay… I hear your despondent sigh.

But you know what? It’s not all hopeless!

Because help is on its way!

Yes! You read me right.

Now please allow me to burst that curiosity bubble of yours with this photo. 🙂

With Lactacyd’s latest lightening and youth reviving intimate wash, your bikini area will be whitened and moisturized in no time!

Lactacyd White Intimate

Lactacyd White Intimate is the first intimate wash with lightening properties to be introduced in Singapore. It possesses a pH level of 5.2 and has proven effective in skin lightening of the intimate area in four weeks.

Made with natural ingredients, Lactacyd White Intimate is the natural and effective answer to intimate faireness.

Natural Ingredients:

  1. Algowhite: Marine-based whitening agent, lightens by reducing melanin synthesis, exfoliates by activating the cells thereby reducing darkness, protects by inhibiting free radicals

  2. Actipone-B: Marine based whitening agent, lightens the skin by inhibiting the production of melanin, a pigment found in skin which is the origin of skin darkness

  3. Lactoserum: Milk-based moisturizing and revitalizing agent

  4. Lactic Acid: Natural, soothing, anti-itching agent

Recommended Usage: For best results, use thumb-sized amount twice daily.

Price and Availability: SGD13.90 for 250ml, available at all leading pharmacies.

Afterthoughts… The first thing that I noticed about the feminine wash was its extremely light texture.

I squirt a dollop of it onto my hand and it immediately dripped down my hand.

After one second…

To be honest, I’m not a regular user of feminine wash. I mostly use it during my menstrual days or when I’m sent a free sample.

However, these days I realize regular soap burns and irritates my skin easily. So the arrival of Lactacyd was timely. I could feel the difference after the first use. The burning sensation was gone and my skin no longer felt tight after wash. The feminine wash left a soft and hydrated feeling.

The scent of the wash is fresh and clean with subtle floral undertones. I’m sure you ladies will love it too. 🙂

I don’t know if this product makes our labia majora fairer since it is pretty hard to make a before and after comparison, but I’m pretty sure it will help you feel more refreshed and prevent the onset of infections. As they always say, prevention is better than cure.

4 Honeyz crowns!

Lactacyd Revitalize

Making its Asia debut in Singapore, Lactacyd Revitalize is a youth reviving feminine wash, containing natural ingredients such as Vitamin E, Collagen and Trehalose. It possesses a pH level of 5.2 and has proven effective in firming and moisturizing.

Now you can stay young and refresh your femininity daily, with the new Lactacyd Revitalize as it leaves your skin firm and supple.

Natural Ingredients:

  1. Vitamin E: Antioxidant qualities and destroys free radicals

  2. Collagen: An abundant protein that hydrates and help fight signs of aging

  3. Trehalose: A long lasting deodorant moisturizer with moisture-retaining capacity.

  4. Lactoserum: Milk-based moisturizing and revitalizing agent

  5. Lactic Acid: Natural, soothing, anti-itching agent

Price and Availability: SGD13.90 for 250ml, available at all leading pharmacies. Afterthoughts…

The texture of this wash is like that of the Lactacyd White Intimate – light and drippy.

During and after the ‘red days’, my v-zone feels dry and uncomfortable. So a feminine wash that moisturizes and deodorizes is definitely a godsend. It prevents my skin from becoming too dry and pruny.

The scent of the Lactacyd Revitalize is less strong and heavenly than that of the Lactacyd White Intimate. During wash, it creates a mild and harmless tingling sensation on the skin. I was pretty surprised by it as the White Intimate felt like a regular soap. Nonetheless, the wash made me feel clean, refreshed and rejuvenated. 🙂

To enjoy the benefits of both washes, I’ll suggest you use them interchangeably to achieve both fair and smooth skin.

In all, it is a great product that has become an integral part of my beauty regime. 3.5 Honeyz crowns!

Besides the latest range of feminine washes, Lactacyd also included a jar of oatmeal and a pair of exfoliating gloves in their gorgeous Lactacyd hamper.

Apparently, Lactacyd did not include the oatmeal for my breakfast tomorrow morning. -_-

According to Lactacyd, oatmeal contains minerals that help soothe and heal even the most sensitive skin types, relief itchiness, redness, dryness and minor irritations. Oatmeal naturally absorbs and removes dirt and impurities whilst exfoliating the skin gently, leaving the skin feeling softer and smoother.

So the oatmeal jar came with a guide furnished with instructions on how to create my own oatmeal scrub! How thoughtful!

Are you interested to make your own oatmeal scrub too?

Then scroll down for my DIY Oatmeal Scrub Pictorial Guide!

1) Take a palm full of oatmeal.

2) And run your fist in lukewarm water for 15 seconds.

3) Gently open and clench your fist to allow the water to soften the oatmeal.

4) Slowly massage the oatmeal onto your face or body in circular motions for a couple of minutes.

5) Rinse off using lukewarm water to reveal brighter, smoother skin.

Have fun making your own oatmeal scrub!

Back to bikini lines…

There are also other good daily habits that could be adopted in tandem with the Lactacyd feminine washes to prevent a dark vadge.

1) Stop shaving.

Do not shave the pubic area or use hair removal creams. These actions damage, scar and darken the skin. Hair removal products contain harmful chemicals that can damage skin. Waxing or laser hair removal are better alternatives and will not lead to discoloration.

2) Drink milk!

Besides bones and health, milk also helps to lighten your delicate areas! For optimum results, add some tumeric powder in your milk. 🙂

3) Wear loose fitting underwear and clothes.

Loose fitting, cotton underwear prevents excess sweating since it does not absorb much heat.

Besides Lactacyd’s mild feminine washes and the tips above, also make sure that you maintain a colorful diet that includes a variety of fruits and vegetables, wholegrain cereals, and lean meat. Drinks lots of water and avoid fast food. This will flush out toxins and keep skin smooth and hydrated.

With this, you’re well on your way to cleaner and fairer skin that will make you feel like a million bucks!

To purchase these fabulous products from Lactcyd, click on this link -

Now that you’re well equipped with your killer bod and sexy bikini line for a beach vacation…

Welcome to paradise!

Your friend, Juliana

Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the products were sponsored, it does not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are objective and genuine.



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