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Beauty DIY with Taiwanese celebrity stylist Judy Lin by Beauty Bistro

An afternoon with celebrity stylist Judy Lin!

A month ago, I was invited by Beauty Bistro to guest model in their Beauty DIY event for the”Love That Body” Bodycare segment.

I was told that Judy Lin 林叶亭, a veteran fashion beauty and celebrity stylist from Taiwan, will be demonstrating the brightening properties of the SHILLS Bubble Body Scrub on me.

*Incredibly honored*

In case you don’t know of Judy Lin, she’s a beauty and styling consultant who is a regular guest on Taiwan’s number one beauty program Nu Ren Wo Zui Da (女人我最大). She has worked with countless Taiwanese celebrities and created many great looks for them. She is also an author with many top-selling beauty books to her name!

Here she is!

Psst! She’s 45 years old this year and a mother of two lovely boys. And she still looks fab! Henceforth, I’m gonna listen more attentively to her beauty tips on 女人我最大. 😛

So here I am at the event which was held in Jurong Point.

The crazy backstage

The products

With fellow guest model, Sharon.

She has very good skin! No wonder she was chosen for the facial product demonstration.

With pretty Nicole, the organizer of the event and Sharon.

Then it was my turn to go up on stage.

While trying to overcome my jittery nerves, Sharon snapped this photo of me. 😛

Yeah… Can’t help feeling nervous as the last time I was on stage was probably ten years ago in a school play.

Peeking through the curtains before I head out…

Here goes!


Judy explains the benefits of the SHILLS Bubble Body Scrub while I listen attentively.

Then she squirted some bubble wash on my right forearm and massaged my arm with the product.

I could feel her very soft and smooth hands. Jealous much!

After rubbing for a while, grey flakes started to appear on my skin. According to Judy, this is what makes the product absolutely divine as it removes dead skin from the arm almost instantly, leaving it looking brighter than before.

She compared both my arms and indeed my right arm looked brighter than my left.

Then the audience were asked to try the product too.

They looked impressed!

In case you’re interested…

This is the Shills Bubble Body Scrub.

Its whitening repair ingredients prevent dull and uneven skin tone by removing dry and dead skin to reveal a much fairer skin tone. This exfoliating foam is also suitable for use on your knees, elbows and other rough skin areas.

It contains Papaya enzymes, Seaweed extract, Witch hazel extract, Yeast, Glycerol, Bamboo charcoal.

More information here.

Then Judy gave me a Shills goodie bag as a gesture of appreciation.


And the workshop adjourned on a happy note.

So what was inside that goodie bag?

From left to right: Shills Foam Facial Cleanser 250ml, La Defonse Anti-ageing Superslim Sun Body Milk SPF 38 and SHILLS Anti-Acne Moisturizing Gel

Photo time!

Not only does Judy look good in real life, she looks great in photos too!

Urgh! How can someone be so perfect???

Finally, thanks Sharon for taking those photos of me on stage. You’re the best!

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