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AIBI Style’s no! no! Skin Launch with Kimberly Chia at Vivo City

I’m reaching the final lap of my bridal beauty journey and as you probably already know by now, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns.

Maintaining good skin is harder than climbing Mount Everest. You need to make sure you are using suitable products and treatments all the time. One mishap and you’re screwed. It takes weeks for post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) from acne or rashes to go away.

There are many state-of-the-art tools at salons and clinics that can help rectify the problem. But if you consolidate the total cost of visiting the dermatologist for these treatments – the transport, the time and the cost of the treatment itself, the price is exorbitant, especially if you’re a bride to be with rapidly dwindling wedding funds.

So I was absolutely cock-a-hoop when I realised there’s a much easier way to access the same technology without breaking the bank.

Introducing AIBI Style’s new no! no! Skin, a professional home acne treatment device, which kills acne at its source with visible results.

Yup, AIBI – the reputable purveyor of fitness equipment products is now introducing their new beauty line known as AIBI Style that offers technologically-advanced beauty products.

Now click to find out more about this beauty breakthrough!

So last year,  AIBI Style debuted their no! no! Hair, a portable hair removal device that eradicates unwanted hair, pretty much like how IPL works.

The key difference is – the no! no! Hair can work on any skin colour and only burns hair, unlike IPL that functions by burning dark pigments which can be dangerous for those of you with darker skin as it can burn the skin too.

No surprise. The revolutionary no! no! Hair received an overwhelming response and so this year, AIBI Style decided to introduce its sister product, the no! no! Skin, a professional home acne treatment device, which kills acne at its source with rapidly visible results. Scar-free and pain-free, this convenient device utilizes light and heat energy (LHE) technology, to penetrate deep into pores, destroying bacteria gently. With two 10- second treatments, twice a day, an improvement of up to 81% can be seen in just 24 hours.

Psst! The device is smaller than a computer mouse and it can even be used over make-up! Now we can all have our very own pimple buster on the go!

I was excited to be invited by the folks at AIBI Style to attend the no! no! Skin Product Launch at Vivo City a couple of months ago. If you follow me on instagram, you would have already had a first hand look at the launch.

Anyways! If you’ve missed those, don’t fret. Here are the photos!

Since we were still minutes away from event, these two lovelies, Lavinia and Camy, decided to play dress up with some Star Lash products.

Lavinia was wearing Star Lash Premium False Eyelashes DB17. She looks lovely, doesn’t she?

Yay! The guest of honour has arrived!

The event was graced by Kimberly Chia, AIBI’s brand ambassador for no! no! Skin.

Kimberly swears by the product and claims that she uses it regular to keep her zits at bay. Well, I’m not surprised. Up-close, her skin looks flawless!

Of course, we had to try it too.

This is the tip where light is emitted to penetrate deep into the pores and stop acne at its source.

Simply place the tip on the pimple and push the button!

Then hold for ten seconds…


Haha! Don’t worry. The product doesn’t hurt one bit. B is just being silly.

The product works by destroying the acne-causing bacteria so your skin should look evidently clearer within 24 hours.

AIBI also hosted some games where winners got to walk away with $500 worth of prizes, including the no! no! Skin device!

B reciting some complex rhymes for the games.

Unfortunately, despite B’s efforts, we didn’t win the no! no! Skin.

However, we did bring home a handy weighing scale and a bag of fitness goodies.

Can’t leave the event without another group picture!

Here’s one with the lovely Eryn, Fidelis and Nadia!

no! no! Skin (SGD399) is now available at all AIBI Style outlets:

JEM  #B1-35 Plaza Singapura #04-69A Suntec City #02-602B/ C Vivocity #02-160/ 161

Have you tried AIBI Style’s no! no! products too? Let me know what you think by sharing it on Honeyz Cube!

Besides no! no! products, AIBI Style also represents Rio, The Beauty Specialists (United Kingdom), and Slendertone (Ireland).

Here are their Rio products which I received earlier this year at our very own Honeyz Cube Tea Party at Plaza@Cosme, 100am.

We hosted it with Beauty Direct and AIBI Style.

Our guests got to enjoy freshly brewed teas and also received eye and nail makeovers by Beauty Direct and AIBI Style.

They also got to bring home AIBI Style nail foils, Star Lash falsies and many more exclusive Beauty Direct deluxe samples.

Meanwhile, for the latest news and promotions about AIBI Style, follow them on FB at

For more exclusive content on the latest product reviews, style books or to receive the full gamut of privileges as Honeyz readers, like my Facebook Page at

Your friend, Juliana


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