Summer Lovin’ In The UK

My recent vacation once again proved that it’s a real super power to look totally on fleek when you’re on the go. Seriously, fashion goals can only be achieved if you’re lugging a huge suitcase and sleeping five hours a day – because you’re spending the rest of your time picking out the next outfit, … Continue Reading

My #Honeyzmoon Sartorial Diaries

After a year of wedding planning and two wedding receptions, we’re finally able to embark on our long overdue honeymoon. And the destination? We’re hoping to go to a sun-drenched retreat of wicked palm-fringed beaches with miles of crystal clear waters. Well, nothing embodies these qualities better than… … the Maldives! Woo hoo! And after … Continue Reading

Inspiring Lifestyles …one at a time

Who says beauty can’t inspire? It just did! Recently, a male friend in his late 40s (also a Honeyz reader) told me that my beauty posts especially the nail ones inspired him to take care of his physical well-being. Baffled, I asked ‘How?’ Here’s his explanation. “I’m a traditional guy who never thought appearance can … Continue Reading