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Travel review: Hard Rock Hotel Singapore (Room)

Live like a rock star at Hard Rock Hotel Singapore!

Two weeks ago, my family and I celebrated my granny’s birthday at Resorts World’s (RWS) Hard Rock Hotel Singapore.

Here’s Granny – the rock chick. 😛

Aunt, Granny and me

So why the Hard Rock Hotel?

Recently, I’ve been lured into the world of heavy metal and hard rock by a special someone.

You might be able to tell from the style of the recent photo shoots.

I even attended a Judas Priest Concert!

Pretty hard core eh?

According to the RWS website, Hard Rock Hotel Singapore also received the Gold Award for:

Best 5 in Asia in the Category of HAPA Signature Deluxe Hotel

So of course the Hard Rock Hotel was my number one choice for a family staycation!

The hotel provided a fun-filled and wonderful holiday for my family and me. Therefore, I decided to introduce this hotel to you in this review. (This is not an advertorial for the hotel.)


Let’s try something different in this edition of Honeyz Travel Review. 😛

We’ll pretend to be rock stars!! (Excited???)

I’ll walk you rockers through Room 568 of Hard Rock Hotel and enter the world of retro, style, and glam rock. 🙂

And our rock star journey begins here…

The lift lobby of celebrities

Yay! Fellow celebs!

Black Eyed Peas


Every star’s inspiration.

King of Pop – Michael Jackson

And here we are greeted by this beautiful wall of crystals when we enter the elevator.

Lift door opens…

And we are welcomed by a cool retro-themed chill out spot.

The corridor

Divas of the 80s and 90s

Diana Ross

Noticed the ice dispenser room above?

Yes. Complimentary ice is provided! How thoughtful.

Arrived at our room.

The first thing we need to do?

Order room service.

You must be hungry after a day of jamming. Gobble up these burgers!!


The quality of the food was so-so. The beef patty was rather bland. The finger food felt more greasy than normal too. Overall, it did not leave a great impression on me.

In case you’re interested in ordering room service too, each burger set is SGD 25++.

Astronomical price for a burger I know.

Rock stars, meet my cousin, Belynda – who took photos of me while I took photos of the food. -_-

Alright rockers! Time for a room tour.

Ambient lighting for more class and glamor!

Jimi Hendrix

Creepy lights of the dressing room by the bed side.

The hotel also provided an iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock! Great for rock star chilled out moments.

Other technological equipment and services…

The room also comes with a Large LCD TV with 28 Channels including the Hard Rock Music Video Channel, History Channel, etc.

There is no free wireless internet in the room. Free wireless high-speed broadband internet access is only available in the lobby.

Separate charges apply for internet in the room.

Don’t you just love the brightly colored neon furniture in the room?

The breathtaking view from the room

We look out over the sandy beach pool from our balcony. Now that’s what every rock star needs after a day of concerts and autograph signing for relaxation and serenity.

The pool lights up in the evening.


The pool closes at 8pm everyday.

Check out a rock star’s must have! The vanity top!

The bathroom was designed to look like the dressing room of a real rock star!

This is my most favorite – guitar-shaped amenities holder.

Too bad it’s not for sale. 🙁

The hotel also provides a nice face mirror for our rocker beauty fixes.

It also comes with a weighing scale. (For the rock star always has to watch his/her weight?)

Showcasing my rocking abilities!

Born to rock!!!

The shower

Rain showers are the best to wash away the day’s sweat and fatigue!

The bathroom provides shampoo and shower gel.

I prefer this kind of floor drainage compared to the conventional ones as dirt is less visible.

See this photo if you don’t understand what I meant. (See it only if you’re not the squeamish sort.)


A rock star can never do without a large closet to house all those stylish pieces and crazy accessories.

The hotel understood this need and provided a large closet which is accessible from the bathroom as well as the main room.

View from the main room

View from the bathroom

Mini bar

Well, we have come to the end of our Hard Rock Hotel room tour (in photos).

Yup. Only in photos. Now we continue our rock star journey with this video I made.

The video features the main parts of the hotel room like the bathroom, view from balcony and bed to give you a better picture of what the hotel is like in action.

And your rock star dreams continues…

I hope you like this edition of Honeyz Travel Review.

I’m pleased to inform my dear rockers that your rock star journey does not conclude here.

It carries on in my next edition of Honeyz Travel Review – Hard Rock Hotel Singapore (Lobby and Pool)

Yay! And this time, we check out the superb facilities of the hotel!

Meanwhile, I gotta leave you and go pack as I’m flying off to the Land of the Rising Sun and Hello Kitties – Japan in a few hours!

Have a rocking day belles!

Your friend,



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