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Travel Review: Hard Rock Hotel Singapore (Lobby and Pool)

Catch the rocker bug again in this edition of Honeyz Travel Review (by clicking the PLAY button)!

Greetings my rock belles!

I hope you enjoyed our rock star jaunt to Hard Rock Hotel Singapore the last time. (Click here if you’ve missed it.)

I’m back with another review on Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, but this time, the focus is on their pool and lobby.

Yes! We’re going to pretend to be rock stars again BUT with a slight twist. 😛

I’m bringing a friend with us!

A mouthless feline that every girl clamors for…

Guess who???


Yes! It’s Hello Kitty!

I’m super into Hello Kitty lately, especially after my trip to Japan. (Trust me, the ‘Hello Kitty Craze’ is very contagious.)

Check out my kitty merchandise!

Yes. The craze has hit me hard.

Alright, enough of my declaration of love to Hello Kitty.

Honeyz Belles and Missy Kitty, put on your rock suits…

Hello Kitty: I’m excited!


and we’re ready to roll…

Hard rock style! (said with a raspy voice)


The Entrance

Cute Hard Rock Flower greets us as we drive into the premises of the Hard Rock Hotel Singapore.

You know you’re at Hard Rock Hotel when you see this iconic Hard Rock monument.

Hello Kitty: I want my own guitar monument too!

Welcome ladies and kitty to the Hard Rock Hotel Singapore!

The spacious lobby will be great for our heavy metal gigs! Don’t you agree?


Hello Kitty: I love the ambient lighting.

The lobby offers free wireless high-speed broadband internet access.

The Rock Bar – A retro-styled lounge that is situated in the lobby.

Hello Kitty: Time for drinks!



I stayed in the hotel from Thursday to Sunday and there was live music every evening. And may I emphasize, very loud live music.

So this made it hard to talk to the people at the reception and concierge in the evenings. You’ll probably have to shout at the top of your lungs to get messages across. Hence, I suggest that you make all requests before 5pm or call the reception from your room instead.

Otherwise, the Rock Bar is a great place for chilling.

Very cool percussion instruments!

Hello Kitty: I had my own set of drums too!


Spot The Rock Shop!


Hello Kitty: Let’s go shopping!

It carries Hard Rock souvenirs (i.e. apparel, badges, toys) and paraphernalia.

I got myself a pair of PEACE guitar earrings!

(For that added rock edge.)

The Facilities

The Gym to work on that killer rocker body.

Note: I did not take photos of the gym. These were taken off the internet and Hard Rock’s website.



Hello Kitty: I’m working out too!


Good on you Kitty!

And now we head to the pool!


Towels are available for rental.

Before you enter the pool area, you’ll notice nice patios (with contemporary furniture) outside the hotel like the one below.

Great for chill out sessions.

Well rock belles, time to rest your mind and enjoy a moment of tranquility.

Hello Kitty: And meditate…


Enough rest! Time for some swimming!

Pavement that leads to the pool

Cousin Belynda is joining us too!

Hard Rock Hotel takes the concept of a lagoon pool to a whole new level with its sandy beach (real fine sand by the way), a jacuzzi in a cabana, an infinity lap-pool and a kids splash pool.

There is also a pool bar that serves finger food and beverages.

Hello Kitty: I wanna go for a dip too!


The terrace and cabanas belong to the Rock Bar. You can book them for your rock star private functions!

And now, let’s explore other parts of the hotel.

Hello Kitty: Yay! And the rock star adventure continues!


The Hard Rock Hotel is a stone’s throw away from the other hotels in the Resorts World and the Universal Studios.

Walking to the next hotel – Festive Hotel, takes only five minutes.

Boulangerie at Festive Hotel Lobby

Time for a quick refreshment!

Macaroons. Yummilicious!

Hello Kitty: Have you seen Hello Kitty macaroons?

Art pieces in Festive Hotel

And that’s all for this edition of Honeyz Travel Review: Hard Rock Hotel Singapore (Lobby and Pool)

All in all, I like the hotel’s good service, celebrity memorabilia display and pseudo beach albeit its expensive rates. I thought it would be better if there were more restaurant choices though.

What about you, Hello Kitty?

Hello Kitty: I love it and I feel like a real rock star now!


Great and I hope you belles had a good time pretending to be rock stars too.

Before I sign off, here’s one last Hello Kitty fanatic moment…


Hello Kitty Sand Sculpture, courtesy of my beau.


Have a great week ahead!

Your friend, Juliana



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