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Travel and Food Review: Molly Roffey’s Irish Pub

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What do you think of when I say Ireland?


Boy bands?

Clockwise from top left: Boyzone, Westlife, U2


Speaking of Guinness, how can we forget Ireland’s pub culture and…

… the iconic Irish pubs!

Recently, I was introduced to a very cozy and authentic Irish pub in Singapore known as Molly Roffey’s and what’s even better was its convenient location at Bras Basah’s Manulife Centre which was only a minute away from the train station. 🙂

I took a train via the Circle Line to Bras Basah MRT and took Exit D to arrive at the entrance of the Irish pub.

As you can see, it is pretty difficult to miss Molly Roffey’s due to its conspicuous bright green doors, windows and pub signage.

I walked into the restaurant and was warmly greeted by a very friendly-looking Wayne Rooney!

Ok… it wasn’t exactly him in person.

Molly Roffey’s hung a framed Wayne Rooney autographed jersey at the entrance of their restaurant.

So remember to look out for the sports star jersey when you walk through the entrance of Molly Roffey’s!

To stay true to the original Irish pub concept, the restaurant was designed with an Irish country influence – besides fake fireplaces, its walls were beautifully adorned with Irish bric-a-brac and the bar counter was furbished to resemble traditional Irish grocer’s shops.

Molly Roffey’s completes your Irish pub experience with live musical accompaniment by their band every evening except Sundays.

The well-equipped Irish pub not only provides refreshing and delightful pints of beer but also a relaxed ambience that is great for afterwork chill-outs.

Don’t believe me?

Check out the Irish Philosophy that was pinned to their charming rustic walls!

There were also two huge screens in the pub that showcase top sporting events (mostly EPL) in the evenings.

Gaelic decor and cozy ambiance was only part of the picture, Molly Roffey’s also offers delectable menu options for lunch and dinner.

Lunch should always be a laid back affair and a treat. So before we were presented with the mouthwatering masterpieces, we were each served a refreshing and summery mocktail to relish and to cleanse our palate.

And now that our taste buds are ready. Bring on the gourmet please!

Irish Salad with Packham Pear (SGD11.80)

The dish was well presented. Its most interesting feature was definitely the packham pear which was sweet and savory. I never knew pears can be delicious both raw and cooked.

Crunchy leaves, cherry tomatoes coupled with mildly pungent blue cheese dressing is a food match made in heaven.

4 Honeyz crowns!

Chicken Caesar Salad (SGD9.80)

The ingredients used in this salad were pretty standard – romaine lettuce, bacon bits and classic Caesar dressing. The leaves were crunchy but the croutons were slightly soft. I wish they were more buttery and crispy. The ultimate savior of the dish was its aromatic Caesar dressing.

3 Honeyz crowns!

Mushroom Medley Pizza (SGD13.80)

Mushrooms aplenty! The pizza tasted as good as it looked with juicy mushrooms as toppings and nicely charred crust. I’m a big mushroom lover so this was definitely my numero uno favorite of the day. To top it off, I prefer thin crust pizzas to thick crust ones so this mushroom baby scores another bonus point from me. 😛

4.5 Honeyz crowns. I’m not biased, even my lunch companions agreed that the Mushroom Medley Pizza deserves an encore.

Buffalo Wings (SGD7.80)

The buffalo wings tantalized our taste buds with its sweet chili sauce. Despite the rich coat of sauce, the texture of the drumlets were still crispy. I thought this made a fun and delicious lunch snack! 😀

3.5 Honeyz crowns!

Irish Stew (SGD15.80)

The food was elegantly presented with the warm lamb stew in a sleek ceramic bowl and toasted garlic bread nicely stacked on a plate.

We were all huge fans of the tasty lamb cubes and juicy simmered vegetables. The broth was also a winner with its gravy-like texture and rich flavor. I’m drooling as I type this!

4.5 Honeyz crowns!

Spaghetti Aglio Olio (SGD10.80)

Sink your teeth into the tender yet crunchy prawns with this pasta dish! Yes, I thought the star of this dish was its extremely fresh and flavorful prawns. I also like that the Aglio Olio was not too spicy and the pasta was soft and smooth but not mushy. It’s an ideal afternoon staple I tell you!

4 Honeyz crowns!

Fish & Chips (SGD10.80)

Honestly, there was nothing out-of the-ordinary about its ingredients. The winning factor was actually the citrus-based sauce.

Dip the lightly-battered snapper into the specially formulated garlic-lemon cream sauce for the best of this traditional UK comfort dish.

3 Honeyz crowns!

Carbonara (SGD10.80)

After the highly commended Aglio Olio, we felt inclined to give another pasta dish a try. The folks at Molly Roffey’s highly recommended their Carbonara pasta which was rich in garlic cream sauce, nicely mixed with diced ham, mushrooms, bacons and seasoned with onions.

In my opinion, the Carbonara did not exactly live up to the Aglio Olio’s standard because the sauce was slightly bland. However, the generous amount of ham makes it a great dish for protein lovers.

3 Honeyz crowns!

Sweet and Sour Fish (SGD9.80)

Molly Roffey’s pays homage to Southeast Asia by also offering Asian cuisine in their restaurant to cater to local tastes. These special dishes are available daily from 12nn-5pm and the menu changes every week so you’ll never get bored.

This week’s Asian dish is the lip-puckering sweet and sour fish with rice. Even though the deep-fried fish was heavily covered in thick gravy, the fish was not soggy and remained crispy for quite a while.

4 Honeyz crowns!

Psst! For SGD9.80, you also get a nice entree, soft drink and dessert on top of the main dish.

Irish Bread Pudding (SGD7.80)

Here comes my most favorite part of the meal – dessert!

I absolutely love the vanilla ice cream which carries a grainy texture and a milky taste. Not a huge fan of the pudding which was hard and a little too sweet for my liking.

3 Honeyz crowns for this dessert! 4 Honeyz crowns for the ice-ceam and 2 for the pudding. So I guess the average rating of the dessert is 3. 😛

Here’s what I think about Molly Roffey’s Irish Pub…

I thought Molly Roffey’s made a great effort to retain the Gaelic flair with its delectable Irish cuisine served in a traditional Irish pub setting, though with a slight modern twist. Well, the twist being their improvised Asian menu and spacious dining area that is not commonly seen in pubs in Ireland. In case you’re wondering, the main feature of Irish pubs is their large bar counter and bar shelves that usually take up the majority of the space in the main bar area which leaves little room for their customers. So I’m not complaining about Molly Roffey’s extra space. 😛 All in all, a great restaurant and pub that offers good food, good fun, impeccable service and everything that you need for a relaxed evening.

4.5 Honeyz crowns!

Before I sign off, I thought you might be interested to see some behind-the-scenes photos.

Fellow bloggers snapping photos of the food.

The folks, Haren and Joyce who organized this outing.

Jennifer (Marketing Executive of Molly Roffey’s) and me.

With such great company and wonderful food, lunch has never been better.

Molly Roffey’s Irish Pub (Bras Basah)

51 Bras Basah Road #01-02A Manulife Centre, Singapore 189554 Tel: 62380989

Molly Roffey’s Irish Pub – Market Street

141 Market Street #01-01 International Factors Building

Singapore 048994 Tel : 62222671

Molly Roffey’s Irish Pub – Colours by the Bay Colours By The Bay, 8 Raffles Avenue #01-13E Esplanade Mall

For further information on Molly Roffey’s Irish Pub, visit their website at or like their Facebook page for the latest updates on menu and activities.

Your friend, Juliana

Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the food and services were sponsored, it does not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are genuine and honest.



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