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The Ladies Behind the Scenes – A Square Visual Studio

You’ve seen the photos, now meet the talented ladies behind the gorgeous hair and makeup of our Honeyzcube Belles photoshoot – A Square Visual Studio!

Two months ago, I had this idea to introduce our Honeyz Cube Belles formally with photos to depict what they each stand for and also the brands that they’ll be representing.

Everything was in place.

The photographer…

Our Creative Director (and also Alchemist), Yong Thye

The models…

Me, Tiffany and Rusty.

The location…

The props…

But something was obviously missing from the picture…

Wait a minute!

It’s the hair and makeup!

How can we forget the most imperative component of our photo shoot!

There are specific looks that I wanted to create for each personality – to represent their specialities.

The Polymath – A look that was fun yet sophisticated to show off her multi-faceted expertise on beauty and fashion.

The Artist – Needless to say, an artistic look to magnify her flair for creating art through her brushes and palettes.

The Purist – A clean and graceful look to represent her determination to seek out pure, clean and clear skin.

Even though we are beauty bloggers, it is still as difficult as nailing jelly to a tree to lug all those props around, set up the lights, do our makeup and look picture perfect all before we left the studio in a couple of hours.

So finding a team of professional hair and makeup artists became my absolute goal a week before the photoshoot.

I was going through my list of posts when I chanced upon these posts that I published a year ago.

Remember I worked with the Indie Pop duo of A Square Visual Studio and produced these imageries?

Not only did they take the photos, they also created the looks for my Roman Holiday-themed photoshoot.

So inviting the lovely ladies of A Square Visual Studio to the photoshoot was a no-brainer.

I was extremely lucky to have the chance to work with them again because they brought with them great ideas for the shoot as well as gorgeous makeup and hair accessories for our intended looks.

Ada and Aki of A Square Visual Studio working their magic on our ‘Artist’!

The A Square ladies also took the chance to take some ‘backstage’ photos of the set up and our makeup process.

On the day of the shoot, I had a ginormous angry zit sitting on the side of my face. So I wasn’t feeling too good about myself. Yeah… That’s what pimples do to girls. Bleh!

Aki, my makeup artist of the day, made sure I regained all my confidence by skilfully hiding the pimple with foundation and lots of concealer!

Scram, annoying acne!

Kudos to Aki, my skin looked flawless and velvety smooth during the photoshoot!

Aww… I love the hair Ada created for me. It looked soft and wavy – just like Belle of Beauty and the Beast! 😛

I received many compliments on Instagram about my hairdo for the photoshoot too. Ada is a genius!

Camera, lights and action!

Gobbling lunch while testing the lighting.

The artist doing her thing.

Props to the props! :p

A few words to describe our shoot – laughter and liveliness aplenty!

We had a wonderful time bantering with the A Square ladies, playing with the unusual props and taking amazing photos!

The photos turned out pretty well too. Here are the final shots:

The Artist

The Purist

The Polymath

We thought the hair and makeup was too pretty to remove immediately after the shoot, so we also took some silly shots with our Creative Director and photographer Yong Thye of to maximise the makeup and to have some good ol’ fun. 😛

Trishaw uncle and the Dim Sum Dollies?

The Mafia duo.

Make it The Mafia Trio instead!

Get out of the way Mafias! Say howdy to the 007 Quartet! LOL!

Not to forget the creators of our makeup looks – Ada and Aki!

Just thought you might be interested to know that on top of Indie Pop-styled photo shoots and makeover services, A Square Visual Studio also offers wedding, lovers, BFF, family and maternity photoshoots in their signature whimsical photography style.

For a full list of their packages, click here.

Also, like their Facebook Page at for their latest news, photos and discounts!

Time to time, they also provide their two-cents on makeup, skincare and photography on their blog at So visit if you need a beauty boost!

Meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled for more amazing photos from this series on Honeyz Cube and my blog! 😀

Your friend, Juliana


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