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The “Earth” Without “Art” Is Just “Eh”

Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo and Donatello!

What do those names make you think of?

Why, amazing artists, sculptors and painters of course!

Dulux is all out to remind everyone how artistic and fulfilling painting can be.

As I ramp up plans for my own home reno, I remember that it’s not about white washing all my walls, it’s about making my space my home, to add my personal touch, to make it unique and somewhere I can relax and call my own at the end of every day.

It’s your space, so why not mark your territory and really make it individual like you!

Dulux teamed up with some local creative talents to really open our eyes and show us that the possibilities are endless!

Want to know what you can do with a simple wall, a brush and some paint? Then read on to find out!


You don’t need to be a homeowner to get in on the fun; in fact the best time to practice is right now.

If you’ve got a room that you call your own, then you can already get your sketchbook out to plan some designs to create your own artistic inner city-oasis and retreat.

And they say practice makes perfect, so after you’ve perfected your room, you’ll be ready for bigger projects such as your own place next time *wink*

Want some inspiration before you don your painter’s overalls? Then let’s check out what our local talents have been up to.

Dulux offered three local talents their own feature walls on which to express themselves creatively using the medium of paint.

Janice Wong, master pastry chef and founder of 2am: dessertbar, as well as Nat Ho, local actor and singer extraordinaire, have both been very active on their Instagram accounts illustrating their creative processes, but it was sister duo, Fictive Fingers, that really caught my attention.

Hani and Aisah Dalduri, a pair of local sisters have succeeded in doing what most of us can only dream of, making a living out of passion while keeping alive our heritage and culture.

What started out as a dinner conversation and then a small bedroom venture has become a fully-fledged, breathing and living enterprise.

Fabulously fusing traditional culture with modern designs, they keep our local cultural heritage alive through their work.

Using traditional hand printing textile techniques, while adding their own flare for fashion, Fictive Fingers have successfully managed to create traditional bags, pouches and apparel while remaining trendy and accessible for the masses.

* The above images were extracted from *

In Malay, the word Raga refers to traditional wicker baskets that often come in various shapes and forms.

These unique designs form the basis and inspiration behind Fictive Fingers’ Raga range of products, and also for their Dulux feature wall design.

Combining the traditional geometric design with the artistic flair that they’ve come to be known for, the sisters have managed to successfully create a wall of art true to their ideals.

This beautiful velvet and linen wall was of course created with Dulux’s latest Ambiance range that perfectly blends vibrant paint colors with special effects for a one-of-a-kind wall paper look.

Psst! The attractive piece expertly combines cool with culture and sits perfectly at the Naumi Liaora Hotel, 55 Keong Saik Road. Go and check it out!

You can also relive their creative process on their Instagram and at #ragatherockstar

Wanna know more about the Dulux Ambiance™ range for your home too?

Well, you can read all about the Dulux Ambiance range on my previous post here or simply visit their website at and download their coffeetable book for all the inspiration you need for your new home.

With paint, the only limit is your imagination!

I’m so inspired and excited; I literally can’t wait to get to started on my own place!

How about you, tempted to pick up the brush?

All that remains to be said is cowabunga!!!

Your friend, Juliana



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