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Put The Roses Back In Your Cheeks With This New BlackBox Edition!

Roses – one of the most enduring symbols of love and beauty, are now also highly coveted for their multiple beauty benefits. How befitting!

Their antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties make them perfect for treating an array of ailments such as burns, abrasions and acneic skin. Rose petals also contain efficient emollients for moisturising dry skin and refining skin texture.With all these amazing skincare perks, it would be a huge sin if beauty brands did not incorporate this elixir into our beauty regimens!

So I got my very first taste of the ‘wonders of Rose Essential Oil’ through Blackbox’s Special Rose Dew edition. The set is comprised of the Real Rose Toner, Essence and Lotion which all contain high levels of Vitamin C and A to restore the softness and radiance of your tired skin.

More specifically, it is made up of Rose Otto Essential Oil. The folks at Rose Dew pride themselves on their unique extraction methods, the result of which is a much purer product with less toxins and impurities, rendering it safe for use on our skin.

To make sure the products do not deteriorate in quality and remain fresh for the longest time possible, the contents are also packaged in dark brown glass containers that block out light effectively.

Talk about commitment!

Well, I guess it’s about time to stop, smell and try the roses now. Click to join me! 😛

Blackbox Exclusive Real Rose Edition

“Known as the “Queen of oils”, the Rose Otto Essential Oil has a high concentration of Vitamin C and A, which are effective in reviving tired-looking skin and restoring the softness of your skin.  Products containing Rose Otto Essential Oil are suitable for all skin types and helps to manage skin troubles to give you crystal clear skin over time. ‘Otto’ is one of the extraction methods where the goodness of the rose is extracted using steam distillation. Thus, the Rose Otto Essential Oil contains very little toxins.  Unlike other extraction methods, through this methods the product is safe for use on our skin and the entire range is paraben free.” – Rose Dew

Here’s the rundown:

Real Rose Illuminating Toner

Real Rose Illuminating Toner | 100ml

An aromatic blend of 100% rose otto oil and skin benefitting ingredients like aloe vera, allantoin and snail secretion filtrates. This gentle toner hydrates and revitalizes the skin.

Retail Size and Price: 100ml, $42

Where to to get it:, OG People’s Park & Essentials Pharmacy

My verdict:

The first thing that greeted me when I unscrewed the bottle is this seal that protects the contents inside. I always appreciate beauty brands that go the extra mile to ensure the freshness of their products.

Of course, the second thing that caught my attention was the aromatic rose fragrance. Take a deep whiff and you’ll feel instantly calm and relaxed too.

Since the toner does not contain alcohol, it does not leave a squeaky clean effect on the skin. In fact, the product feels a little more viscous than normal causing the skin to feel slightly tacky to the touch during the first few minutes of application.

Toners are meant to balance your skin’s pH levels and act as an astringent to minimise the appearance of your pores.

Honestly, I don’t have have sufficient info to prove that the ingredients in this product will balance your pH levels. In fact, skin should be able to balance itself out so that’s not an issue. Also, since the product does not contain alcohol, it’s is definitely not acting as an astringent here.

However, I like that the toner contains a beneficial array of skin-reparative and moisturizing ingredients such as glycerin, sodium hyaluronate and even snail secretion filtrates. So if you’re looking to amp up the moisturising factor of your skincare regimen, this is still a great product to add to your beauty stash.

3.5 Honeyz crowns!

Real Rose Illuminating Essence

Real Rose Illuminating Essence | 50ml

Light nourishing beauty essence of 100% rose otto and plant botanicals strengthens skin barrier and results in soft radiant skin with daily use.

Retail Size and Price: 50ml, $62

Where to to get it:, OG People’s Park & Essentials Pharmacy

My verdict:

The rose scent of the essence is a lot more prominent than that of the toner’s. Its consistency is also a lot thicker than the toner’s as you can tell from the photo below.

Even though the essence is essentially a more watered-down serum, it still feels pretty concentrated and rich.

My skin felt greasy immediately after application. However, the feeling lasted only seconds as the greasiness was quickly replaced by a smooth finish after a few gentle rubs.

Just a few drops each time and my skin stays hydrated all day. I also use this on my neck to reduce the tight feeling on my skin after showers.

4 Honeyz crowns!

Real Rose Moisture Lotion

Real Rose Moisture Lotion | 100ml

Uplifting aromatic blend of 100% rose otto oil and plant extracts, this fast absorbing moisturizer is for all skin types including sensitive skin. Its transdermal properties also leave a balanced feeling of toned hydration. Retail Size and Price: 100ml, $46

Where to to get it:, OG People’s Park & Essentials Pharmacy

My verdict:

The terms lotion/toners/serums are practically interchangeable these days so when I first saw this, I thought it was a toner. Imagine my confusion when I saw the actual toner in the packaging.

So what is this?

After reading the label, I realised it’s simply a moisturiser. (Oh yeah! Long before the Japanese referred their toners as lotions, lotions were actually moisturisers.)

The texture of the lotion is significantly thicker. Despite its higher viscosity, the product was absorbed by my skin pretty quickly, leaving behind a nice smooth sheen. Long lasting hydrating properties should be non-negotiable in a lotion and since the product delivered just that, I give it a huge thumbs up!

My only gripe is the absence of a pump feature to dispense the product. This is what happens when I try to draw the lotion from the tiny opening of the bottle everytime.

Besides the lack of pumping mechanism, the lotion works pretty well for me.

Here’s a quick comparison of my face before and after using the Real Rose products.

I thought the redness on my face is less noticeable now and my skin also looks more taut and supple.

Now that’s what I call putting the roses back in your cheeks. 😛

3.5 Honeyz crowns!

This Real Rose Exclusive BlackBox is now retailing at SGD32.90 (U.P. $150) but wait for it… wait for it…

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I look forward to your participation and good luck, belles!

Your friend, Juliana

Disclaimer: Please rest assured that even though the products and services were sponsored, they do not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are objective and genuine. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.



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