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New Facebook Page and Blog Skin!

Hey Beautiful(s)!

If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve added a new Facebook Page plugin on the left side of this page.

I’ve created this page for you ladies (and gentlemen) to get first hand news on the latest free samples, blog posts and the gamut of privileges that you can enjoy as Honeyz Readers! How fantastic is that?! 😀

I’ll also be sharing the latest styles (from new looks to new lines) fresh off the streets of New York, London, Paris, Tokyo and Milan as well as ubiquitous but timeless fashion trends on this new Facebook page!

How can you miss all these right?? Here’s the ‘Like’ button! 😛

New look for my blog!

If you have forgotten the old look, here’s a little recap.

It used to have a background decorated with crowns and crosses motifs accompanied by an image of a young and jaunty Honeyz mascot.

Now, I’ve replaced them with a background that resembles a blusher palette and a more sophisticated version of the Honeyz mascot. I’ve also perked it with a new slogan ‘Defining the Lifestyle of the Contemporary Woman’. 🙂

Originally, I’ve wanted to create a logo for Honeyz. So I sought the help of my good friend, Yong Thye (who has a very creative streak in him).

And voila! Not only did he give me a logo…..

(FYI, this was the logo he created.)

He also gave me a brand new banner! (He’s the best best best friend in the world!)

However, the new banner did not agree with the previous background color at all…..

Totally wrong…

So we began to seek for a new background of a contrasting color.

And there you go! A new background that was actually inspired by my Etude House’s LUCIDarling Blusher.

The blusher has this graduating palette with different tones of pink. And I love the design of the blusher palette especially the ribbon closure. In addition, it smells great too! Not very pigmented…..

Ok ok a little carried away here. Saving these deets for my next blusher review! *wink*

Back to the new look…

I really like this new blog skin. The palette background, stylish mascot and slogan reflects the purpose and the foci (fashion, beauty and travel) of my blog more clearly.

Well, I hope you guys like my Facebook page and my new blog skin. (Anyone spot a pun there? :P)

Keep on glowing!

I’ll see you soon!

Love, Juliana



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