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nEbO’s 5th Birthday at Downtown East


nEbO celebrates its big 5 at Downtown East with a party filled with much youth, vigor and absent-minded smiles and laughter.

Click for more snippets of the event!

Here I am with the official nEbO Birthday Bash Bloggers team!

From left to right: Yi Jing, Valerie, me, Ju Ann, Agnes and HP

Juicy orange balloons were handed out to the excited kids!

We were chatting in front of the stage when we were approached by…

… a street magician!

He was brilliant and immediately caught the attention of the stage host.

The host left the stage and came down to interview him. Haha!


The host conveniently dragged us on stage for some games too.

We played charades where we have to act out the words for the final player to guess what the “secret” phrase was.

I was super nervous. I think I wasn’t even sure what I was doing. Haha!

Check out those crazy acts!

Later, more magic acts by Enigma – nEbO’s Magic interest group.

While waiting for the cast members of ‘On the Fringe’, we explored the Bazaar by Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Yes, you saw it right.

iPod Nanos up for grabs at the auctions. See what you’ve missed!

Yi Jing shopping away!

These Ngee Ann students sure know how to make a buck with those great visual merchandising and advertising ideas.

Check out the walking billboards!

Up and coming entrepreneurs!

There’s no way I’m going to be left out of this shopping frenzy so I did some shopping too!

I bought these rings for SGD5 each from a store by

This was’s store.

I got to choose from the assortment of choices below.

And these eye candies caught my attention.

I’m a snacker so…

… give me my cookie!

Petit24 Green Tea Chips Cookie

There was also a Photo Booth with props where you can take Polaroid photos for only SGD2*!

*All proceeds go to charity. Here’s my polaroid with one of the Ngee Ann Polytechnic students.

At this juncture, we heard Ju Ann’s name being announced.

She won the Bazaar lucky draw!

Look at that happy smile!


The goodie bag includes a SGD50 Capitaland Voucher and a bottle of Calvin Klein perfume!! Whoa!

We headed back to the stage to welcome the arrival of the ‘On the Fringe’ cast.

The young stars shared their experience on acting and dealing with their new found fame.

Yet, they maintained that they are still regular kids who joke around with friends and go to the movies.

Psst! Kimberly revealed that she’s actually a nEbO member and often visits the Cathay Cinema at Downtown East for her nEbO movie perks.

Their special appearance culminated with stage games with their fans.

Next up!

It’s auction time! Let the ‘Crazy Bidding’ begin!

Star items were sold for absurd prices.


A Crumpler bag (worth SGD100) was successfully bidded for SGD65 only!

During the auction, I had to leave for the Singapore Blog Awards Ceremony and guess what I missed out?

A Sing Mob!

* Sing Mob is actually a surprise Flash Mob by nEbO’s youth singers

Too bad I missed it. 🙁

Here are some photos of the sing mob by Yi Jing.

For full coverage of the sing mob, visit Yi Jing’s website at

I had a blast at nEbO’s birthday bash!

It was nice to be surrounded by these youths and their restless energy. It reminded me of those blissful days of fun and frolic and made me feel mentally young again. 😀

Thank you nEbO for inviting me!

You too! Sign up for your nEbO card to relieve that youthful lifestyle again! 😀

For post-event online sign-ups, provide promo code: 12NEBOBLOGGERJUL to enjoy the following promotion.

– 1 Year (online) nEbO membership package of $20.00, member will be rewarded 600 LinkPoints.

– 3 Years (online) nEbO membership package of $39.00, member will be rewarded 3000 LinkPoints.

Promotion valid till 4 Aug 2012. Click here to sign up!

Were you at the party too? Did you enjoy yourself? Share your experiences and photos with me too!

Your friend, Juliana



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