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Nail Care Tutorial: Tips for Strong and Healthy Nails

It’s nails talk time!

I have a proclivity for broken nails, as my nails are extremely brittle.

As such, I’m constantly on a hunt for ways to protect my nails and to prevent another ‘cracked nails disaster’.

Do you suffer from the same nail problem too?

Well, fret not! Cus today, I’m going to share some tips on how to take care and strengthen your nails.

1) Dry your nails after contact with water (e.g. shower or swimming). Always keep nails dry, as prolonged contact with water will result in peeling or splitting fingernails.

2) Quit bitting your nails! Your nails are made up of layers of keratin and saliva softens the keratin. So nail biting can potentially disfigure your nails and cause nail infections.

3) Exercise good nail hygiene. Regularly trim your nails to keep them neat. Make sure that your nail instruments are clean to avoid the spread of germs.

4) File your nails correctly! File your nails in one direction towards the centre of the nail. Never do it back-and forth.

5) Moisturize and hydrate your nails. Dry nails break easily, hence apply moisturizers into your nails regularly, especially after removing nail polish. (Psst! Olive oil is a good moisturizer for nails.)

6) Eat healthy! Vitamins, especially Vitamine B and E contribute to strong nails. Thus, remember to incorporate them in your daily diet! In addition, sufficient sleep and exercise will also lead to healthy looking nails.

7) Protect your nails by applying nail polish. Nail polish increases your nails’ ability to resist breaks and it also protects your nails from free radicals. Change it every 7 days or so and do not peel the nail polish.

Speaking of nail polish. Have you ladies heard of gelish gel polish?

Gelish gel polish is gel that acts like a nail polish. I realized many of my friends have mistaken them for acrylic nails due to its equally long lasting effect as compared to traditional nail polish.

Well… a hell of a difference.

Acrylic nails are hard and they have a corrosive effect on the natural nail due to the use of primers whereas gel nails are more flexible and smoother and primers are not used.

In the long run, acrylic could even damage the structure and natural shine of your nails. On the other hand, gelish nails leaves no hard impression on your nails and you can apply Gelish nail polish regularly and still enjoy healthy nails.

Here’s my good friend, Jo’s testimonial for gelish nails.

“Since I started using gelish nail polish, my nails are longer these days as the polish prevents them from chipping!”

Well, both Jo and I agree that our nails are growing at least 0.1mm per day because of our gelish nail polishes.

So the next question is where is a good place to get pretty gelish nails?

Personally, I endorse Nail Indulgence De Beau (uBeau), located at Liang Seah Street. Their nail technicians are very professional and friendly. Furthermore, they have a vast array of gelish nail colours that are too darling to resist!

Please click here for my review.

Here are my nails, 2 weeks after the nails review post.

Here’s a close up.

My nail color is still in good shape. I’m impressed!

Book an appointment with them today!

Your journey to healthy and pretty nails start from here.

Love, Juliana



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