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My Spa Party at Mary Chia!

Who says you can’t have a beach getaway in a spa?

Say aloha to summer at ‘Vacation in a Spa’!

A week ago, I hosted a spa party at Mary Chia Tampines with a beach theme titled, ‘Vacation in a Spa’!

Before I go into the juicy deets of the party, let’s check out this video first.

Haha.. Noticed the diverse group of party guests of all ages playing games, having fun and chilling out?

Besides my closest friends and supportive readers, I’ve invited the women of my clan too – my mom, grandma, aunties and cousins.

This party has a special meaning to me. I wouldn’t be able to come this far without the ardent support of my lovely family and my best friends.

Juggling work and writing on this blog is no easy feat. Many times, I find strength during stressful times through my family’s support and their words of encouragement.

They have always been there for me – read every post, provided creative ideas and even purchased beauty items from my sponsors.

On this special day where I commemorate the birth of my one-year old blog and celebrate my Singapore Blog Awards nomination, there is no doubt my family is on the top of my invitation list.

Well, you’ve seen the video. Now take a peek behind the scenes at all the crazy hard work that went into preparing the party, from packing the door gifts to selecting the decorative items for the vacation themed party.

The decorations

Cupcake napkins to jazz up the buffet table!

Swirly straws for the summer drink station

Hawaiian Hand Leis for that added beach chic.

Also prepared pageant princess sashes for the top three best dressed winners!

The goody bags

Colorful striped beach bag to hold all the beauty treats.

Dainty jeweled lipstick pen for the girly moments.

Generous sponsorship from Vanity Trove!

Style Hair Moisturizers to combat our frizzy woes.

Style Aromatheraphy Curl Control Hair Moisturizer

Style Aromatheraphy Moroccan Argan Hair Moisturizer

Style Aromatheraphy Intensive Repair Hair Moisturizer

Ettusais BB Mineral Cream

BB cream – our trusty all-in-one foundation.


Besides the lovely beauty goodies, I also received a June edition from the lovely folks at Vanity Trove.

More about this in my next post. 🙂

Alright, these guys are going into the ‘Vacation in a Spa’ goody bag!


Are we fully prepped for the party?



Beach balls!


Sent out invitations?

Doubled checked! 😀

I think the only beach essentials I’m lacking now are refreshing winds of a sea breeze and a nice ocean view.

Alright, let’s head to the party!

Would you like to join me too? Yeah you! The one reading this right now.

You can be my virtual guest! How cool is that??!

Wow, you’re already decked out in your summer best! Nice!

Let’s go! Here’s your spa party card!

Mary Chia is big on giving free beauty treatments to the party guests and as my virtual guest, you’re going to get a pampering complimentary treatment too!

More about that later. 😛

Welcome to my ‘Vacation in a Spa Party!’

Here are the activities lined up for today.

Oooh… colors put me in an upbeat mood.

Up your summer style quotient with a garland!

Delicious spread from!

Do you like my pastel party banner?

The goody bags!

Wait! Don’t grab the bags. Enjoy the treatments first!

Check out the wide range of beauty products from Mary Chia’s house brand.

Yay! More party guests have arrived!

Meet other Honeyz Belles!

Help yourself to the food!

Chocolate ecalir seem to be a hot favorite at the buffet table.

It’s time for my ‘Thank You Address’!

At this point, I think I was showing the guests my website and photos of my models…

Grandpa and Daddy! Haha!

Attentive gazes… I must be at a serious part of the speech now.

Speech is over.

Let’s start filling in your spa party card with treatment stamps!

May I present your first treatment of the evening- Hand Paraffin Treatment.

First dip your hand into the melted paraffin wax.

Wrap hands with cling film and wait for about 10 minutes for wax to dry.

The cling film retain the heat for a longer period of time and this maximizes the heat benefits for joint pain and stiffness.

After 10 minutes, remove cling wrap and peel off wax.

And voila! Soft and silky smooth hands!

Let’s move on to the next station – BMI Test!

Mary Chia’s BMI Test is a Body Composition Analyzer. It helps us understand what is going on inside our bodies by categorizing weight into muscle mass, water, and body fat.

This is Crystal – my beauty consultant for my Mary Chia Facial Treatment.

After the test, Crystal explained to each guest the implications of an unsatisfactory Body Mass Index (BMI) and suggested ways they can improve their weight scores.

The girls look happy with their results!

Enough of alarming weight results.

Let’s enter the world of massages, imbued with relaxing lavender scents and romantic ambient lighting, to chase the day’s stress away.

Next up!

Photo time! Say cheese!

Hi virtual guest!

You too! Big smile!

No photos of me this time because you ladies are the stars of tonight’s party!


YT, our photographer and my dear friend, still managed to steal some shots of me looking like this…

Our three best-dressed princesses of ‘Vacation in a Spa’!

This is Jasmin from Mary Chia.

Not only did she help me with the organization of this party, she also surprised me with Wally Amos’ Famous Amos cookies moments before the party ended!

Sharon, me and my aunt.

Sharon is the Group Marketing Manager of Mary Chia. She sprung a surprise visit to the party!

I was really happy to see her as she’s a really busy woman and yet, she came all the way to Tampines to support me. During the party, we chatted quite a bit and she even gave me a mini marketing lesson!

A big thank you to the Mary Chia beauty therapists for their stellar service at the party!

And one last photo with the sweet Jasmin before I reunite with my party guests!

Group photo!

Thank you all for coming.

Special thanks to B (my beau) and YT (my trusty photographer and friend) for helping out at the party.

Because of all of you, my party was repleted with smiles and laughter and many great activities. I’ve never been more happy than now.

Virtual guest, I hope you had fun at my party too!

To complete your virtual ‘Vacation in a Spa’ experience, I’ve reserved a goody bag for you too – a Mary Chia beauty treatment voucher and a mystery gift proudly sponsored by Vanity Trove. Talk about virtual reality.

Yes. One lucky reader is going to receive a Mary Chia Treatment voucher worth SGD88 and a mystery gift from Vanity Trove. (Sorry, this is available to Singapore readers only.)

The voucher entitles you to either an Express Deep Cleansing Facial, a Thermal Sculpting Wrap and Detox Sauna or a Tension Relief Back Massage!

To win, like Honeyz Facebook Page and share this photo on your wall.

Then comment ‘Shared‘ on this photo on Honeyz Facebook Wall.

I’ll announce the winner this Saturday, 30 June 2012 at 12pm on Honeyz’ Facebook Page.

Good luck!

Party Sponsors

Update: is no longer in operation.

Statement necklace worn during the party was proudly sponsored by Triselle.

Photos and videos brought to you by Honeyz Paint House

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