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My Holiday Fashion Repertoire!

Last week, I visited London and Paris – the fashion lands that inarguably never fail to produce ubiquitous but timeless fashion trends.

And since I’m in the ultimate fashion hub, I can’t let my inner fashionista down. I brought at least 20 different apparels – jackets, coats, skirts, pants and tops to make sure I always look modish and camera-ready. Haha!

And as title of the blog suggests, this post archives some of my most favorite outfits from the trip. Now click for the fashion rundown! On my first day in Paris, I opted for a fun and young look to go with my joyful vacation mood. 😛

Cardigan: Loaves.com Scarf: M)phosis Skirt: Zara Watch: Rolex Shoes: From Kyoto, Japan

Then layered the outfit with a spring coat (Burberry) when it got colder in the evening.

On the second day of the trip, I was heading to the outskirts of Paris so I wore pants for more warmth and comfort. Also glitz up the ensemble with a gold tiger print blazer.

Jacket: shopmegagamie.com White top: M)phosis Pants: shopmegagamie.com Necklace: triselle.com Beret: From Paris, France Shoes: From Kyoto, Japan

For The Lourve and shopping, I went for a rock chic style by matching a washed out denim jacket with a glossy leather skirt.

Jacket: Bershka

Top: From Paris, France

Skirt: Lovebonito.com

Shades: Chanel

Shoes: From Kyoto, Japan

I decided to throw a colors parade by wearing at least 8 colors on my first day in London.

Jacket: Bershka

Top: M)phosis

Necklace: Absolutely Divine

Pants: shopmegagamie.com

Bag: Dior

Shoes: From Kyoto, Japan

Brrr… it’s getting cold in London. Wore jeans to fend off chills. Practical and fashionable. 🙂

Top: Victoria’s Secret

Ring: Bvlgari

Pants: Levi’s

Bag: Dior

Beret: From Paris, France

Shoes: From Kyoto, Japan

Heading to the countryside for a friend’s wedding so wore a fetching handmade fascinator by Chef Bizarro to turn up the glam factor.

Dress: Agneselle.com

Bag: Coach

Fascinator: Etsy.com

Shoes: From Kyoto, Japan

London’s capricious weather is getting to me. I decided to wear a slightly waterproof dress and a thick beret hat to brave the rain.

Dress: shopmegagamie.com

Bag: Dior

Beret: From Paris, France

Necklace: Triselle.com

Shoes: From Kyoto, Japan

It’s finally time to meet the parents! I chose a conservative and classy dress for this big occasion. 😀

Dress: Victoria’s Secret

Bag: Coach

Belt: Bugis Village, Singapore

Shoes: From Kyoto, Japan

If you’d noticed, I wore the same pair of brown boots in all the photos. :PPP

Well, who says you’ll have to bring a dozen shoes to match different looks? Shoes that are dark-colored, brown or nude usually go well with any style and do not compete with the clothes for attention. Of course, also make sure they’re very comfortable. You do not want to ruin your vacation with aching feet.

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Your friend, Juliana

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