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Magic Pumpkin Series: Our Cinderella Wedding

If the shoe fits, BUY IT!

As promised, here’s the second instalment of my Magic Pumpkin series – The Cinderella Wedding.

This time, I’m featuring all the ‘Little Glass Slipper’ inspired decor, treats, toys that you Disney addicts are totally gonna clamour for.

Scroll down to immerse yourself in the magic!

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Every bride needs her very own ‘Glass Slipper’.

Here’s mine by none other than

Cinderella Wedding

Cinderella Wedding

Cinderella Wedding

These beautiful BEAUTIFUL Swarovski encrusted shoes are out for this world!

If you’re looking for gorgeous awe-inspiring shoes that are customizable and truly fit for a princess, look no further than!

They have a huge selection of bridal stilettos, evening shoes and even men’s shoes!

Psst! They also offer fairytale-themed wedding favours! I’ll be posting more about them later so please stick around!

Meanwhile, click HERE for an exclusive offer for you ladies by Sinderella!

Spot Cinderelly!

The venue where ‘our ball’ will be held – Cotton. 😛

Welcome to our Cinderella Magic Pumpkin Cove

Cinderella Singapore wedding

Cinderella Wedding

Cinderella Singapore wedding

The entrance and our reception table

Let the magic begin!

Our solemnization table

Can’t forget our favourite fairytale siblings. Check out our Hansel and Gretel Sweet House!

A wedding is incomplete without a cake.And here we pay homage to our fairytale theme with this spectacular Disney/Neuschwanstein Castle cake that lit up the entire garden.

Aww.. meet our precious mini Cinderellas!

Please also allow us to introduce our Royal Emcees – Sebastian, Keeb and Tiffany!

And now, the pivotal moment of the evening – Will Prince Charming ever find her?

Yay! I guess he would.

They finally found forever…

… and lived happily ever after.

The end.


Photography by Lightbox Productions

Wedding stylist: Beth of 1-Host

Disney Castle Cake by Cake Inspiration

Desserts by Divine Favors

Tell you a secret – I could feel tears welling up in my eyes as I go through these photos by Kwang of Lightbox Productions.

It was as if I was still at the wedding! He’d captured so many significant moments and expressions, images of that beautiful day started to flood my mind. I’m so glad I could always relive those amazing and magical memories again through his photos.

I must say, each and everyone of these wedding vendors listed above really went out their way to ensure our wedding was as magical as it can possibly be.

Thank you once again for making my dreams come true.

And before I ride off into the sunset with my Prince Charming, here’s a photo of erm..

Cinderella Groomsmen

For more exclusive content on my Disney themed wedding or to receive the full gamut of privileges as Honeyz readers, like my Facebook Page at or follow me on my Instagram (@ilovebunnynet)!

Also, if you’re already having Glass Slipper cravings, here are some Cinderella classics that you may want to check out:

Cinderella (1957) (Starring Julie Andrews)

Cinderella (1997) (Brandy)

Ever After (Drew Barrymore)

A Cinderella Story (Hilary Duff)

Have a magical day, belles!

Your friend,



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