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Low Maintenance French Manicure Anyone?


The nail veteran, Dashing Diva, is back with a new ‘French revolution’.


Starlets donning French Manicure.

Jennifer Lopez

Eva Longoria

Victoria Beckham

Selena Gomez

Last fall, Dashing Diva gave us sexy and alluring Metallic Nails that were the talk of the town. (To view its glamor, click here.)

This season, if you’re looking for a low maintenance but impeccable manicure, the Dashing Diva French Wrap and French Wrap Plus will be ideal for you.

Through patented technology, French Wrap and French Wrap Plus are the first line of products to give natural nails a perfect French manicure (or pedicure) that lasts up to weeks at a time.

Simple application. Easy removal. Perfect smile lines, every time.

Now all professionals can achieve consistent, non-chipping, long-lasting flawless French color. 🙂

Here we are at Periwinkle again for our Diva fix.

The Products FRENCH WRAP

Dashing Diva Professional’s original innovation in long-lasting French manicures, French Wrap is easily applied over fingernails and is optimal for toenails.

It comes in a slightly squarish shape, and its band thickness is between that of the French Wrap Plus Thin and Thick bands’.

The French band is simple to spread and provides flawless results.


Molded using Dashing Diva’s patented double-injection process, French Wrap Plus uses the same concept as French Wrap, but adds a housing applicator to protect color and help provide even pressure during application for a more-secure adhesion.

The Thin Band is ideal for clients with a shorter free edge.

The Tools

The Pretty Manicurist

She is Christelle, the daughter of the owner of Dashing Diva Singapore.

The Process

My naked nails

1) File your nails

2) Buff your nails

3) Sanitize your nails with Dashing Diva’s Sani Spray

Dashing Diva Sani- Spray (Antiseptic Spray)

4) Apply adequate glue at the middle and sides of the natural nail tip and the French Wrap tip with Dashing Diva’s Tailor Bond

5) Stick the French Wrap on your nails

6) Clip the plastic off with a nail clipper

7) File the nails again

8) Buff the glue and spray on sani-spray

9) Apply Dashing Diva’s Base Seal

10) Wait for the base seal to dry. Meanwhile, chat with your manicurist!

Sidetrack… Christelle shared her ‘doodles’ with us.

Apparently, she’s a very talented artist!

Check out her awe-inducing works here. 11) Finish off with general coats of Dashing Diva Top Seal

Whee! Here’s the finished product.

Thanks Christelle!

To see the full application and maintenance process, check out the video below.

And now…

Drum roll, please!

Please allow me to present you Dashing Diva – French Wrap Plus

So what do you think of the french wrap plus?

Here’s my take. I’ve always loved french manicures as they are an epitome of elegance and sophistication, and I think they help you channel your inner Grace kelly.

However, I rarely see them done well in that, they are usually not painted evenly. Some nails may have thicker tips than others or differing smile lines.

Dashing Diva’s French Wrap is truly a godsend. All these problems are eliminated with each wrap’s standard thickness and shape. Moreover, they are long lasting!

Here are my Dashing Diva french nails after one week.

So if you’re a nail salon owner or a budding entrepreneur who wants to start a nail business, I greatly encourage you to join the Dashing Diva bandwagon.

To find out more about the brand and its distribution rights, please contact Dashing Diva Singapore at +65 9679 1234 or email them at

You may also visit the Dashing Diva Singapore Facebook Page for further information.

Dashing Diva French Wraps – Bring grace and fun to the table.

Your friend, Juliana


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