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Life Is Short But Lashes Don’t Have To Be *wink*

I’m tired of waking up to my pasty morning face, under-eye bags and (eek!) listless eyes.

You know what they say. Great things happen when you start your day on the right foot. 

So I would love to get out of bed looking and feeling like Jessica Rabbit. 😛

And one simple way to achieve that? Get eyelash extensions!

Since I discovered extensions, I’ve been feeling on top of the world every morning. Many times, my husband even asked if I wore makeup to bed. Haha!

And guess what? Getting the sexy flutter is actually not that far-fetched if you engage the right people for the job.

If you’ve been following me on my blog and Instagram, you would know that I’ve trashed most of my mascaras and even eyeliners ever since I started having individual eyelash extensions applied professionally by the lovely folks at Lolita Group.

Read on to find out how you can also get beautiful natural-looking lashes without any daily hassle!

It’s been two months since my last lash extension appointment with Theresa. Check out the post here –

Most of my Novalash extensions have already fallen off as you can see below.

Since I’ve been sporting a more dramatic look for two whole months, I wanted to go to the other side of the spectrum this time and try a more subtle and natural look. Hence, Lolita Group recommended their stylist, Jelina, a Certified Novalash Extentionist who’s been with the Lolita team for three years.

Just like how scientists have different specialties and skills, each Lolita Group stylists also has their own different area of expertise, focusing on different looks.

Jelina is a maestro of full, evenly-applied lash sets that look elegantly understated and perfect for the everyday look.

Before the treatment, Jelina took some time to examine my eye shape and size to determine the most natural look for my peepers.

Then she painstakingly applied about 80 lashes on each eye and the process took about two hours.

The Final Result…

My eyes were nicely framed with lashes of similar lengths and curls to create this natural fluffy look.

No thick and luscious lashes. Just soft, thinner and shorter (8mm to 10mm long) extensions to open up the peepers and make them look brighter.

To be honest, I almost went cold turkey on eyelash extensions as I have extremely sensitive eyes and they tend to become very red and uncomfortable after the treatments.

I told Jerlina about my problem and she made sure she taped my eyes shut completely and used Novalash’s famed formaldehyde-free glue.

Here’s a tip from a pro eyelash extension diva, wearing contact lenses during your treatment actually reduces the post-extension redness and soreness that may be keeping you away from taking the plunge. Now there’s really no excuses, get ready to flutter those lashes girls!

Just take a look at these photos taken straight after the treatment, not a red eye in sight!

Thank you Jelina for this beautiful set of lashes!

To see Jelina’s other creations, check out hashtag #lashbyjelina on Instagram!

Prepping for CNY…

Sorry to love you and leave you, but you can bet that after this set of traditional daily wear extensions, I was ready to kick up the voltage to 11 for Chinese New Year!

It’s no easy feat being a beauty blogger at Chinese New Year you know! Not a hair, nail or lash can be out of place. I kid you not, all the beauty microscopes come out and you bet it’s a daunting task but I was going in prepared.

I definitely wasn’t going to take any risks for our big family reunion dinners, so founder of Lolita Group, Jocelyn took things into her own hands for this makeover.

A NovaLash Certified Trainer and NovaLash Advanced Certified Extensionist, there’s literally no one better for the job, especially with the imminent extreme family scrutiny that was going to be coming over the next few days. So yeah, no pressure Jocelyn! 😛

As anyone in Singapore will tell you, come Lunar New Year it’s red or dead baby! So you bet I was super excited when Jocelyn suggested adding colour to my latest lash makeover.

Working on from the 50% of lashes left from Jelina’s session, Jocelyn employed a refill to 6D volume lash extension technique ($189), meaning a whopping 6 lash extensions were attached to each real lash.

Here’s a close-up of what was going on:

The total lash count was an astonishing 500 volume lashes + 100 leftover lashes = 600 lashes (300 per eye).

Only in the hands of a Jedi master like Jocelyn can you be assured that such a technique would look fantastic and flattering instead of the toothbrush on your eyelids look that might scare you on the streets from time to time.

Jocelyn added a sublime red accent ($20) to my lateral lashes to add a really exotic flare, striking yet at the same time elegant.

Et voila, here’s the final product, completed with their trademark formaldehyde-free adhesive, these lashes are shower, sweat, oil and heat resistant, non-harmful to your real lashes and can be refilled ad infinitum at the hands of a trained NovaLash certified lash extensionist.

Jocelyn used curls C & D in thicknesses of 0.05, 0.07, 0.1mm to achieve this full flattering look.

Dresses, hair, nails and finally lashes all set! I was ready to make an entrance at my family reunion dinner.

So how did it go??? Haha!! Well, at least the lashes were perfect!

Jocelyn also blessed me with a lash comb, a mascara safe for use on extensions and a alcohol-free cleansing pad kit, all of which means that although Chinese New Year may be over, my lashes are still going strong.

But this outstanding lash makeover has left me with a genuine problem that I’m really not too happy about… How on earth am I going to top this next time??

I think I will let Jocelyn worry about that. 😛

This season, let your eyes do the talking!

So let’s take a page out of Jessica Rabbit’s playbook starting with some gorgeous lashes from Lolita Group!

Lolita Group is located at Marina Link @ Marina Square #B1-12 and Chinatown Point #B1-13 [Tel: +65 63389981].

Lunch hours are between 3pm – 4pm. For more information, visit their website at 

Your friend, Juliana


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