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I gave a speech at Noël Caleb’s first Fashion Workshop of the year!

Two beautiful weeks ago, local fashion label, Noel Caleb orchestrated a fashion workshop for young and accomplished fashion bloggers and designers and the most exciting part was…

I was given the lovely opportunity to speak at this event! Whoopee!

Click for all the photos and scoop.

The workshop was held at The Co, a brand new office space that will be launching on 1 Mar 2013.

Founder of Noel Caleb, Eileen commenced the styling workshop with an introduction of the brand and the objectives of the workshop.

To break the ice, Eileen invited every guest to introduce themselves and share their blogging journeys.

My friend and fellow blogger Grace also attended the event. She surprised us by introducing her new role as a writer and her upcoming book on blogging tips. It will be released this summer so all you bloggers and aspiring bloggers, look out for it! 😀

It was entertaining and inspiring to hear the different stories and blogging anecdotes of the participants that included writers, young professionals, mothers and even students (the youngest was 14 years old!).

There was so much to learn from their experiences and I thought it was amazing that how one common passion – social sharing, has converged all of us who come from different walks of life into one huge and united social network.

Finally, I was invited to give a speech about my journey as a social media entrepreneur and share tips on becoming a full-time blogger in Singapore.

Besides my blog, I also introduced my freshly launched beauty portal, Honeyz Cube which was a spin-off of my blog.

The audience chuckled when I shared photos of my family members who participated in the blog reviews and photo shoots.

It was the first time I give a speech in my capacity as an entrepreneur and blogger so it was kinda nerve-wrecking for me.

But I was glad everyone enjoyed it. 🙂

The event culminated with a group styling session with Eileen. I left the event early for another appointment so I wasn’t able to participate in this session.

Here are the photos!

For a full coverage of the event, click here.

Of course, this will not be the only fashion workshop this year. Noel Caleb has already prepared an exciting line up of fashion and beauty workshops that will be taking place soon.

For all the juicy deets about Noel Caleb’s collections, workshops and services, visit their Facebook Page and website at

The event was a resounding success! Congratulations and thank you Megha, Eileen and the Noel Caleb team for the invitation!

Also, thanks Christopher for the gorgeous photos! If you would like to engage Christopher’s services for your corporate or wedding photoshoots, you can contact him at or email

Lastly, to my dear Honeyz Belles, I just wanna say…

Continue taking chances and chasing your dreams! You WILL make it. 🙂

Your friend, Juliana

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