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Honeyz Beauty Review: Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Treatment Hair Mask


Does your hair look like that?

I hope not.

Raise your hand if you ever envied Disney Princess, Pocahontas’ long luscious hair!

Picture Credits: Wikipedia

*raising my hand up high*

I used to be really amazed by how she could effortlessly maintain her straight and silky hair even when she is leaping off cliffs and swimming into waterfalls all the time. (Childhood fantasy.)

Every woman dreams of having long lustrous locks and this dream becomes more enthralling when a ‘big night’ such as prom, a wedding dinner or the long awaited date is around the corner. (Because we all know that our hair affects our looks to a very LARGE extent.)

See what bad hair does to your overall appearance.

Do you often find yourself amid the wreckage of a bad hair day like this?

Unhealthy and frizzy hair not only makes you look unkempt and listless, it also makes you feel less confident. And this is NOT how a Honeyz girl should be.

“This is hopeless. What should I do??”

Remedy please!!!

Well, I’ve got good news for you. I found a great product that can effectively curb this problem and relive your childhood fantasy!



Quench your parched locks with…

Dove Damage Therapy Intense Repair Treatment Hair Mask!

Dove was first launched by consumer goods behemoth, Unilever in the 1950s. Since then, Dove has been providing consumers an extensive range of value-for-money beauty products.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Dove and recently demonstrated my love by liking their Facebook Page.

That paid off as I noticed their FB page was giving away free samples of their new Dove Therapy Intense Damage Treatment Hair Mask so I decided to redeem one too.

The sample arrived within two weeks.

Hang on! I just realised this sounds very much like an advertorial.

Just a clarification. I am in no way affiliated to Dove and the introduction sounds favorable because this is indeed a very fantastic product!

To play safe, I’m placing my disclaimer here instead. 🙂

Disclaimer: Do keep in mind that reviews are entirely subjective. It is normal to have differing views so please don’t hate me if I didn’t speak well of your favourite product. I definitely have no intentions of distorting the image of any brand. Well, to each his own, isn’t it? Peace!

Seriously, I love this thing so much.

The texture of the mask is rather thick. So I’ll usually just apply a dollar coin-sized dollop of the mask to my tresses during deep-conditioning treatments.

Here’s a close up of the mask for your reference.

Have you guys realised that Dove products have a rather distinctive smell? I think I can literally smell a Dove user out from a group of people.

Well, the reason why I brought this up is because I thought this mask enhances that smell on your hair by tenfold.

If you’ve always been a fan of the signature Dove scent, you’ll love this baby.

My hair has been in a bad state for the longest time. It lacks luster and is extremely dry and coarse (Thus the tousled look all the time). I believe you would have noticed that from the pictures of the fashion shoots.

After using Dove’s treatment mask, I thought it was pretty nourishing to my dried locks and even made them look glossier.

I could see the improved texture of my hair after one use. Pictures below!

(Do note that I also trimmed my hair slightly before this shoot.)

Pretty significant improvement, eh?

And this was after a second use.

Close up!

Mummy used it on her frizzy and permed hair too.

Before using Dove Treatment Mask…

After using the treatment mask…

Juxtaposed both photos for comparison.

Hairsplitting difference? (Attempting a pun. :P)

I don’t think so. It is blatantly obvious that my mum’s hair became silkier and shiner and the frizziness was totally tamed just after one use.

I liked it so much, I bought a 200ml tub of the treatment mask!

I’m wearing Megagamine’s (MGG) Boho Tie Blouse in Kelly Green by the way.

I also bought the Dove Hair Fall Therapy Treatment Mask.

These masks retails at Guardian Pharmacy at S$10.90.


I bought mine at Swanstons and Ocean at People’s Park Market at S$4.20 and S$8.50 respectively.

All in all, I give this baby 4.5 Honeyz Crowns out of 5.

The strong fragrance can be overwhelming at times, otherwise I think this is a great Dry Hair Savior.

Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it.

Try it yourself by redeeming your Dove Free Sample today! -> Honeyz Free Samples

As per ‘Honeyz Beauty Review’ tradition, I’m culminating this post with some hair care tips!

Do you know that a person can lose between 75 and 100 strands of hair everyday? And this does not even include hair strands that break!

The following pointers will help you prevent further hair breakage.

  1. Dry hair is more vulnerable to breakage as it is more brittle than normal hair. So use less styling products as they cause hair to become drier.

  2. Try not to brush or comb your hair too often as this will cause hair to become weak. I brush my hair once a day and that is before I rinse off my hair conditioner so that my hair absorbs the moisture more evenly.

  3. Don’t wash your hair everyday as too much washing will make your hair dry. Let the natural oils moisturize your hair.

  4. Wear your hair up when you’re going to be active and this will prevent breakage.

  5. A diet rich in protein is great for hair growth. I often indulge in yogurt (which is a great source of protein) after dinner. Other high-protein food: beans, fish, meat, nuts and seeds.

  6. After hair wash, try not to rub your hair dry with your towel as it will cause your hair to tangle. Instead, dry your hair by blotting the water out of your wet hair.

  7. Trim your hair once every three months to prevent split ends.

  8. After exposure to sunlight and to salt water and chlorine, deep conditioning of hair is needed. Use Dove’s Treatment Mask!

Stride your way to healthy looking hair today!

Love, Juliana


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