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Holiday Mode: Activated

Travel does the heart good.

I can’t even begin to discuss everything that’s happened over this past couple of weeks.  Having to negotiate a sudden onslaught of family medical emergencies whilst coping with our mobile clinic’s rapid growth has been a challenge to say the least. It was all going higgledy-piggledy.

A vacation at this time would most certainly be the perfect antidote for a worn-out mind and fatigued body.

Alas, just packing your bags and flying off isn’t always a feasible option. Raise your hands if you’re like me and usually have the time but no money to travel, or you have the money and no free time, or if you’re super lucky, you don’t have either. Haha!

Well thanks to sites like Traveloka, I can at least let someone else do all the hard work to squeeze the most out of my budget by finding the most affordable ticket and accommodation options to fit into my jam-packed schedule.

In case you’re wondering what you can expect to find on Traveloka to create your next dream vacation, here’s a quick rundown provided by the talented Traveloka team themselves.

“Traveloka is so versatile and intuitive to use that you can use the 24-hour service to book anything from your favourite budget airlines to even award-winning airlines like Singapore Airlines whilst searching for your next ideal hotel destination all with just a few clicks of a mouse and, best of all, to fit into any budget!”

I did a little usability snooping around myself and tried booking cheap Singapore to Hong Kong flights with Singapore Airlines. I definitely love the clear interface and even with a shoe-string budget, I was able to find plenty of jet-setting options to accommodate my wander-lusting needs!

The online booking system provided by Traveloka is curated to provide the best experience and service possible. Once you open the site, their pop-ups allow you to customize key features you’re looking for, you can even click on the Book Now button for a host of listings, not only for your airfare but also to plan the ideal timing for your getaway. Try booking singapore airlines flights to see for yourself.

Of course it goes without saying, cheaper airfares means more pocket money for you to book your hotel, enjoy your favourite street foods and soak in the sights and sounds of all the must-see tourist hot spots.

Online bookings offer a level of customisability never seen before, often right down to what kind of movies and food you want to enjoy while you’re being transported to your paradise vacation, to ensure the only thing you have between your ears is a big old smile as you’re whisked away to your dream destination.

All that’s left to worry about, is what are we going to do with all this extra free time and money? Well, that’s a problem I don’t mind facing!

So what are you waiting for? Go to Traveloka website now. Choose your flight and book Now. Good luck guys. See ya!

Your friend, Juliana



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