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Hands Up, Who Needs A New Wardrobe?

Fashion says ‘Me too’, and style says ‘Only me’.

I was utterly drawn into Pepperkoko’s massive range of standout pieces hailed from major fashion cities such as Taiwan, Japan and Korea. From expressive dresses, sexy intimate wear to stylish yet functional activewear, the online store caters for all sizes and is all set to help you bring your A-game to every occasion this summer.

A new season calls for a new wardrobe so I wasted no time in picking some tantalizing outfits to embellish my summer collection too. Every week I see new updates to their store and I’m talking hundreds of new designs each time. Well, at least I don’t have to schlep piles of shopping bags from the store to my home. Ah.. the pleasures of shopping online.

What makes Pepperkoko even more compelling is their fast delivery and impeccable customer service. Can’t decide which is your perfect size? You can even contact them directly via their hotline or Whatsapp!

After placing my order, I kept track of the whereabouts of my items with Pepperkoko’s daily email updates. And on the third day, I received all my outfits!

Now you know where to go for last minute shopping for those impromptu parties. Haha!

Their pocket friendly price tags also make sure I don’t blow my budget even when I check out a few more items than I’d planned for. Hehe!

I was also super happy when I realised my clothes arrived in pristine condition, looking exactly like what I’d seen on their website. Bless their cotton socks for such a well-rounded shopping experience. Now scroll down for my Pepperkoko fashion hauls!






Extra extra!

Quote JULIANA10 and receive $10 off when you spend more than SGD40 at

To receive the freshest scoop on their new arrivals or promotions, follow them on FB at and IG @pepperkokosg.

It’s time to transit from Spring to Summer! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to shopping for my hot-weather hits on Pepperkoko.

Have fun and keep sparkling, you guys!

Your friend, Juliana



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