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Fashion Review: Hello Blogshop

When there’s Hello Blogshop, there will not be another fashion faux pas moment.

It’s almost Christmas!

Trees, decorations, mistletoes, gifts, turkeys, cookies, eggnogs… Are you eggcited yet?

Well, I certainly am. Not with the delicious Christmas spread (for now), but the slew of covetable holiday styles I get to experiment during the long Christmas weekend this year.

Good fashion always bodes well for a good Christmas!

Just when I was scrambling for the perfect Christmas outfits, I received an unexpected email from the Hello Blogshop darlings.

They would like to give me an early Christmas gift – three Hello Blogshop outfits! Woo-hoo!

Without further ado, allow me to present you the first installment of Honeyz Fashion Review: Hello Blogshop

Thick belts inject a whole new sense of style into any outfit.


The striking red color of the dress definitely brings much merriment to Christmas celebrations.

Here’s a picture of the dress in natural light.

The tag of the dress indicated that it is made in Korea. I like Korean apparels as their quality is usually top-notch despite the low price tags.

The fabric feels thick and warm. The warmth of the fabric might be uncomfortable for some in this humid weather but the quality of the fabric transcends this small bit of a downer.

Workmanship of the dress is also pretty good. The length and size of the dress also fits my frame perfectly.

The dress comes with double zippers. It has a zipper on the side and another one at the back of the dress. I’m not sure what’s the purpose of this double zipper idea but I’m never a fan of back zippers so the side one is a bonus for me.

For all these great qualities, this dress deserves 4.5 Honeyz crowns!


Before I sign off for the weekend, I wanna thank my fantastic friends for all the help they had rendered to make this fashion spread possible.

Till the next fashion impulse, I’m off for now!

Your friend,


Disclaimer: I know I’m going to sound like a broken record but I would like to emphasize again that Honeyz fashion reviews are NOT advertorial posts. I do not endorse any of those brands featured. Rather, I’m trying to show you how normal girls (girls with non-supermodel statures) look like in clothing from these famous boutiques. This is to aid you in making informed purchase decisions when it comes to updating your fashion wardrobe. 🙂



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