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Especially Escada Elixir – Perfect for the month of romance and hot dates!

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Last summer, I embraced the delicate floral notes of the Especially Escada Eau de Toilette. Fast forward to 2014, I’m once again enveloped in the sophisticated scent of the Especially Escada roses with the release of their sister scent, Especially Escada Elixir.

The Especially Escada Elixir is an intense Eau de Parfum that builds on the classic Especially Escada Eau de Parfum and the playful light-heartedness of the Eau de Toilette. The well-balanced blend of the Damask Rose, Ylang Ylang flower, Vanilla plant and precious Ecuadorian Ambrette seeds make the fragrance extremely pleasing to the nose and of course, perfect for that important evening date!

When it comes to perfumes, the looks are as important as the contents. The packaging is similar to the Delicate notes Eau de Toilette in that it is nicely contained in an elegant flacon which is sealed with a polished double E logo gold lid. The striking difference is the lush fuchsia pink hue of the glass bottle which fitted right into my recent haute couture-themed photoshoot.

Click to experience the lusciousness of the fragrance too!

ESPECIALLY ESCADA Elixir, a powerful interpretation of the original rose-based fragrance, is inspired by the ESCADA woman who is boldly elegant, radiating confident femininity and joie de vivre, lighting up the room with her smile and energy.

The gorgeous scent is fronted by Victoria’s Secret angel, Bar Refaeli who indicated her love for the Elixir edition, stating that the perfume is perfect for adding an extra touch of rosy feeling for a splendid evening night out. Well, a Victoria’s Secret angel can’t be wrong! Haha!

Bar Refaeli, The Especially Escada heroine 😛

The new ESPECIALLY ESCADA Elixir is built around a rose heart, but is differentiated from other fragrances in the range through its wondrous intensity. Building on the floral freshness of ESPECIALLY ESCADA, this intensity is borne out of the scent’s unique blend of precious ingredients sourced from around the globe.

For this new addition to the ESPECIALLY ESCADA family, Eastern roses from Turkey add an element of mystery to Elixir. Rich natural rose extract is caressed with Oriental facets to add depth, colour and density, subtly transforming the light freshness of the pink rose of ESPECIALLY ESCADA and Delicate notes eau de toilette, into a scent with intensity and sensuality like a deep pink, purplish rose.

Precious Ecuadorian Ambrette seeds provide a natural chic note to give freshness and depth, pushing the rose accord, while a note of musk provides a sense of added luxury, making it an ideal evening fragrance.

Oriental notes such as a luxurious natural vanilla extract from Madagascar lie at the bottom of the fragrance to add depth. Subtle fruity facets of plum and prune add a touch of gourmand richness, amberry notes and a special, concentrated extract of Patchouli Heart remove the earthiness that is sometimes present in Patchouli.

The unique fusion of ingredients creates a fragrance that is elegantly joyful, while sensual and magical – with an intensity that lasts longer.

What I thought of the new fragrance…

I was pretty excited about this version as I’m a huge fan of its EDT edition. Always wished the rose aroma could linger longer.

Not surprisingly, the opening was a loud burst of sweet roses and vanilla but the fragrance dissipates pretty quickly leaving behind a discreet rosy scent.

Even though that was a letdown, I’m still a fan of its comforting smell that is dominated by the fresh, bracing essence of the rose.

Also, I was happy that the intense pink fragrance juice did not stain my pastel clothing unlike other dark coloured perfumes that have wreaked havoc on my light-colored fabrics.

The glamorous design of the fragrance also made it a perfect prop for my recent Haute Couture-themed photo shoot. 😀

Don’t the Especially Escada perfumes look elegant against the dreamy couture settings? 😛

The photos will be used for my new blog layout so you bet that you’ll be spotting those robust, square glass flacons more often. Haha!

For its romantic scent and exquisite lust-worthy design, 3.5 Honeyz crowns!

Good news!

This exciting and unique new addition to the range will be a permanent addition to ESCADA’s sophisticated range of classic fragrances.

Have you tried the Especially Escada Elixir too? I wanna know what you think! Share your reviews with me and Honeyz Belles at Honeyz Cube!

Your friend, Juliana

Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the products were sponsored, they do not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are objective and genuine. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.



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