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Does London Weight Management really work?


London Weight Management Review

My shorts, swimsuits and mini skirts are protesting against my jiggly jello thighs.

It’s been weeks since my first treadmill workout and my thigh muscles are still firmly hidden beneath the stubborn layers of fat. Urgh! How frustrating!

I’ve tried several slimming treatments in the past but they usually involved only massaging and steam baths that produce short-lived results.

I’ve always been very intrigued by London Weight Management’s ads that claim effective, fast and non-invasive procedures. So when they approached me last month for free trial slimming sessions, I leapt at the opportunity and signed up immediately.

Now read on to find out if their claims add up!


My treatments were carried out at London Weight Management’s Tiong Bahru Plaza branch which is located on the 6th floor.

London Weight Management Review

While my assigned consultant Esther, prepares the room and facilities for my treatment, I spotted this banner near the counter.

I was extremely excited yet puzzled at the same time. I wondered which part of the body was the ad referring to, though I was secretly hoping it’s the thigh circumference. :P The premises were plastered with photos of gorgeous looking girls who weren’t stick thin.

Instead, they were healthy-looking girls with beautiful curves.

Esther explained that London Weight Management encourages healthy eating and does not condone body hatred or distorted body image. Hence, their treatments only seek to shed pounds the healthy way for a more wholesome lifestyle.I was glad to hear that as I was certainly not ready to go on crazy diets or set unrealistic body goals for myself.

All treatments at London Weight Management are customized according to your requirements, preferences and body conditions.

I was 45kg last year but I gained close to 4kg this year. No thanks to the carrot cakes, steaks and burgers that I’ve been having excessively this year.

This is me before any treatment was administered.

I used to wear Size S for both tops and bottoms and now I wear a large M on the bottom. This means I can’t fit into 80% of my wardrobe now. :O

To wear those skinny jeans and short shorts again, Esther suggested body contouring treatments that concentrate on the thighs and hips. 😀

Esther conducted a comprehensive evaluation by taking measurements of my limbs, waist and thighs and analyzing the underlying causes. She also asked if she could take photos of my arms, butt, tummy and thighs for comparison later. Of course, if you’re uncomfortable with the idea, you can always refuse.

Esther highlighted my problem areas in the form below- flabby arms, wide hips, back fat and excess inner thigh fat.

She suggested snuggly contouring body wraps, electric muscle stimulators combined with aromatic steam baths to obliterate the fat problem.

On top of those, she also suggested a scrub treatment to lighten the skin on the knees. 😀

Sounds perfect.

But before we began, she warned that the treatment may increase the heart rate slightly promoting blood flow and circulation like a mini workout. As such, she recommended that I drink plenty of fluids before the treatment to prevent dehydration.Since menstruation also usually results in dehydration due to the loss of fluid and blood, she discourages clients who are having menses to go through the treatment.

And now we proceed to the treatment!I was given disposable panties and a robe to change into before I proceeded to the steam room for an aromatic steam bath.

This treatment is called the Aromatic Steam Bath and as the name suggests, aromatherapy oils are introduced into the air to help clear respiratory passages for easier breathing and to enhance skin luminosity.

According to Esther, this process not only helps to open pores for improved absorption of the products later, it also elevates the heart rate creating a workout for the heart that is similar to a brisk walking workout.

The treatment lasted for a good 30 minutes before Esther led me to my next treatment – Lavender Sea Salt Scrub.

Esther applies a layer of lavender sea salt scrub on my body then wraps me with their infra-red warm blanket for another 30 minutes.

Needless to say, the scrub functions as an exfoliator, sloughing off my dead skin cells for a healthy glow later.But what about the infra-red warm blanket? Well, it reduces water retention that causes bloating and improves my metabolism to help me lose weight without cutting back on the calories.

Honestly, this was my least favorite treatment. I felt like a clam being cooked. The blanket became pretty uncomfortable after a

while as I began to sweat profusely.

Well, I guess you’ll have to sweat like a pig to look like a fox

later because, according to Esther, the treatment burns as

many calories as a 2.4km run!

The treatment is finally over. Phew. I’m alive. I haven’t turned

into a dried squid. 😛

And here comes the best part! Shower time! Haha!

The cozy shower, that was situated just beside the steam room, is fully equipped with a careful selection of toiletries including personal care products, shower caps, cotton swabs and hair dryers.

Their shampoo and conditioner carries a gorgeous mint scent that feels absolutely invigorating and refreshing on the scalp.

And now, the final treatment of the day – Electrical Muscle Stimulation.

I know the name sounds menacing but it really isn’t. In fact, this is the most relaxing part of the entire slimming treatment.

Esther commenced the treatment by spreading the thermo trimming ampoule over my belly and limbs – basically the flabby parts.

Then placed the gel pads on my arms, waist and thighs. Thereafter, Esther secures the position of the pads with velcro straps.

The pads deliver gentle electric pulses to the skin to stimulate the muscles and trigger contractions which will in turn, tone the muscles. I’ve looked this up and according to Wiki – The impulses mimic the action potential coming from the central nervous system, causing the muscles to contract. So I guess there is some logic to this claim. 🙂

And guess what? The legendary Bruce Lee endorses it too!

According to him – “Three minutes is like doing 200

Another 30 minutes was dedicated to this treatment and…

… I was finally done with my very first London Weight Management Treatment. I thought I looked more radiant too!

The treatments made me feel like I’d had a hard core workout at the gym. Esther made me this Strawberry cereal drink to replenish the energy and fluids lost. How thoughtful! 

I weighed myself again and I went from 48.8kg to 48.2kg within 2 hours!

Remember this poster from earlier?

I finally understood how the numbers are derived.

Esther measured the circumference of my body parts before and after the treatment and noted them as follows. And my total loss? 12cm! Whoopee!

I was invited to a second session three weeks after and my weight decreased further to a whopping 47.5kg.

I was also given a set of slimming products that were used during the treatments.

Oxygenating body scrub: Specially formulated with ingredients from the Dead Sea to tone and trim the body. It cleanses and exfoliates to make skin younger and healthier.

Body Trim Fluid: Contains active elements that help to tone, trim and contour the body effectively.

Oxy Trimming Gel: Formulated to trim flabby areas and soothe sensitive skin.


To be honest, I was filled with scepticism before the treatment. It is hard to fathom how a 2-hour treatment can help to lose weight. I did some research after the program on the steam baths, warm wraps and electric muscle stimulators used during the treatment. And the result was – they do help to slim down to a certain extent.

I would say if you’re looking to slim down without straining your muscles or injuring yourself within a short period of time, London Weight Management would be your perfect slimming fairy godmother.

Of course, you should also exercise regularly and maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet that includes a lot of vegetables, grains and other high-fiber foods for a slim and healthy body.

As mentioned many times before, slimming treatments and products will only support your slimming journey by expediting the weight loss. For best results, you’ll still have to watch what you eat, sleep well and stay happy!

Finally, I wanna thank London Weight Management, especially Esther for the treatments and fruitful consultation sessions.

I learnt a lot about our body composition, fat percentage and the right ways of dieting. Esther spent 45 minutes explaining all these to me. Some of the diagrams she drew. 😛

I also liked the fact that the treatment was customised for my body type and my desired results. These were the other ampoules that customers can choose from for different functionalities like lifting and soothing.

For their effectiveness and great service, 3.5 Honeyz crowns!

Exclusive promotion for Honeyz Belles!

Sign up now at and you’ll receive a complimentary slimming Session and 1 set of slimming products (total worth $368) and a chance to win a $2000 Slimming Package and London Hamper worth $268, when you sign up!


London Weight Management Outlets in Singapore • PREMIUM! Suntec City Mall • Novena Square

• Ang Mo Kio Jubilee • City Square Mall • Clementi Mall • Ngee Ann City • Singapore Post Centre • Tampines One • Tiong Bahru Plaza • Woodlands Civic Centre • Yew Tee Point

Contact them at +65 6222 1234  for your appointments. Have fun! ❤

Your friend, Juliana



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