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Commuters alert! EZ-Link’s latest ‘Activate!’ programme is going to blow your minds away!


We’ve all bought insurance for our homes, health, cars but have you heard?

You can now acquire insurance for your ez-link card too! And wait for it…


The perks are out of this world. Click to find out more about their latest ‘Activate!’ programme!

If you’re registered with ‘Activate!’, there are 3 key functions of this programme that you can enjoy: [It’s a one-time, simple, registration which is absolutely free by the way!]

• EZ-Manage • EZ-Protect • EZ-Deals

Registered ‘Activate!’ ez-link card holders can check the transaction history of their cards for up to three months, block and recover funds should they lose their cards, and enjoy additional protection against unauthorised usage before the lost card is blocked!


Have you ever lost your ez-link card right after topping up the value?

I’m sure it has happened to some of you!

Yeap. This catastrophic scenario happened to me once. I was a student at that time so it was definitely upsetting for me since my modes of transport can only be accessed with the ez-link card.

So I totally endorse the new EZ-Link ‘Activate!’ programme because by registering with it, I am now protected by EZ-Manage when I lose or misplace my ez-link cards. And they do this by blocking further usage when I report a lost card and allowing me to enjoy the refund of the remaining stored value in the lost card later. Amazing isn’t it?

Also with EZ-Manage, I’m able to monitor my transit and retail transaction history up to three months*, either at the ‘Activate!’ website or via the EZ-Link mobile app!

* ‘Activate!’ only applies to adult ez-link cards issued by EZ-Link and does not apply to concession cards issued by the Land Transport Authority (LTA).


Should there be unauthorised usage of funds between the time the customer calls EZ-Link to block their card and before the card is successfully blocked (which can take up to 48 hours), EZ-Protect provides an additional safeguard of up to SGD10, on top of being able to block your EZ-link card and fund recovery. This means that consumers can safely store more value on their cards instead of having to top-up their cards frequently.

In partnership with ACE Insurance, EZ-Protect has a robust system which requires verification of personal details and reinforces security in case someone else picks up the card and tries to make a fraudulent claim.

My favorite feature is the transaction history where I can check the available funds in my card before I board the bus.

No more multiple beeps for the whole world to know that I’ve insufficient funds on my card. Now I can prepare small change for bus tickets without ransacking my bag in a moving bus. Yay!

Most deals come with a price, but not with ‘Activate!’

In the months of July and August 2013, all registered ‘Activate!’ ez-link cardholders stand a chance to have their retail transactions on their registered ez-link cards…


Woohoo! I love my ez-link. Muuaahhh! 

Terms and conditions will apply, of course. Details, and Terms and Conditions can be found at

Hurry and register with Activate!, simply visit

You can also register via the EZ-Link app available at the iTunes App store for Apple mobile device owners. Google Play Store for Android devices. Because there’s really nothing to lose and all to gain! Your friend, Juliana



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