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Anna Sui Holiday 2017

No one is too old for fairytales and carousels…

I’m having a whimsical Weds-daze with my new Anna Sui products! Think Mary Poppins like carousel cake pops and boudoir themed makeup! Aah… the hallmarks of Anna Sui style, don’t you agree? 🎪

Their star-studded holiday collection is inspired by stardust and the ever-changing patterns and colours of a kaleidoscope! Talk about melding reality with our fantasy world. You bet they rose to the top of my makeup wishlist the moment I laid my eyes on them!

I also just visited their freshly opened flagship counter at BHG Bugis last month and absolutely love the counter’s equally vintage, feminine and fairytale elements that totally reflect the designer’s tastes and cultural obsessions. I felt like I was entering Anna Sui’s personal makeup room! I wish my girl cave looked like this. Maybe it’s time to call my ID again! Haha!

There’s so much I want to show you. Scroll down and join me on a magical beauty adventure at Anna Sui’s new flagship counter!


anna sui singapore


The Autumn Collection

To commemorate the one year anniversary of Anna Sui’s revamp, they came up with this customisable floral case that looks like a treasure chest blooming with flowers.

What a great way to represent their new beginnings blossoming into something even greater!

One more carousel photo for the win! 😛


The Holiday Collection

Let the swatching begin!

Lipstick K

Their new Lipstick K features a design inspired by an infinite number of star dust bouncing off of a kaleidoscope. The red hue is soft, buttery and glittery, perfect for all day use.

I was so in love with the Eye and Face Colour Sticks G too. They are very easy to apply and subtle enough for everyday use.

You thought they were lipsticks too eh? Haha! I was so excited to try these new products that can instantly add oomph to your regular makeup with just a swipe. 10 thumbs up for these new products!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than this – I spotted a dessert counter!

A party is never complete without dessert!

And of course, they are totally in harmony with the theme of the new store. Happiness level elevated!

The walls are not spared.

On the other side of the store, we spotted an interesting art piece by Japanese illustrator, Okamura Yuta. It first appears as a wallpaper design with forest foliage motifs but at on closer examination, you spot hidden images of forest animals. Charming!

Come on look again!

According to Anna Sui, the wallpaper represents your adventure in their new store, very much like a thrilling treasure hunt in a mysterious forest, where you seek and discover magical products that transform your everyday look. And this they believe, will make you very happy.

Well, I can’t agree more.


My Very Own Anna Sui Adventure

I also received my very own Anna Sui coffret of magic! Here’s my Anna Sui V400! Love the glossy finish!

Anna Sui Loose Face Powder N200. It’s a translucent lavender highlighting powder, for that added glow on our weary complexions on busy work days.

Thank you for the yummy cake pops too, Anna Sui and Wom PR! Yay!

To indulge in Anna Sui’s magical world too, visit their new store at BHG Bugis Department Store, located at 200 Victoria St, Singapore 188021. They open from 10.30pm – 10.00pm daily.

For more info about their holiday collection, hit up

Have fun and keep sparkling!

Your friend, Juliana



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