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6 steps to FIRMER and more RADIANT skin!

Whether it’s for your engagement party or that special dinner date, everyone wants to impress with a killer complexion.

And the good news is – it doesn’t have to involve a bucket full of cash to achieve that luminous glow.

All you need is patience, some commitment and a solid six-step beauty regimen and you could be well on your way to getting out-of-this-world amazing skin!

Click to unveil the six easy steps to skin success! 6 steps to FIRMER and more RADIANT skin

1) Deep Cleansing

Good skin begins with clean skin and of course, makeup needs a clean slate to stay on all day. So make sure you keep your face clean and free of impurities by cleansing your face thoroughly with warm water to lift the grime and dead skin cells away.

Warm water loosens dirt and clogged pores so you can wash them away easily.

2) Exfoliation

Without proper exfoliation, our faces would be covered in layers of dead skin cells as cells move from the base of the skin to the surface every 30 days. If you don’t slough them off, it’ll be difficult for beauty products to work well on you. This is because the products will have to work their way through the layers of dead skin cells to get to the top layer of your skin. In the long term, your skin will become dull and clogged by sebum.

Use a gentle facial scrub or exfoliating gel and massage your skin in a circular motion. Do this twice a week or once a week if you’ve sensitive skin and you’ll notice the difference in no time.

3) Extraction

This is a bonus to the exfoliation step.

Sometimes, blackheads can be pretty stubborn and difficult to unplug, like a cork that is stuck in a bottle. When exfoliation does not work, I would resort to using extraction techniques to dislodge the trapped debris.

The best time to do it is after a warm shower when pores have dilated and this would make extraction a breeze. Begin extraction by placing your sterilised extractor over the blackhead and press gently. The blackhead should ooze out through the loop. If it doesn’t pop out, sprinkle the area with more warm water and try again. Then apply a toner to shrink the pores.

4) Eyebrow Trimming

This step will not exactly lead to firmer and more radiant skin but trust me, beautiful brows will certainly increase your beauty cred and give you a very polished look.

Here’s a pictorial guide to show how you can create the perfect arch.

5) Soothing Face Mask

All that cleaning and exfoliating clears the dirt collected and paves the way for a soothing and hydrating face mask.

As you age, your skin becomes drier as it can no longer retain the moisture needed to make it smooth and silky. Collagen production slows down, the process of cell regeneration also slows down and elastin becomes less springy (the substance that enables skin to snap back into place).

In ancient times, Egyptian and Greek women kept their skin fresh and young by using face masks. And you’ve heard how beautiful they were, so this probably works to a certain extent.

So use a facial mask at least once a week. It moisturizes your skin and eases skin disorders. It also acts as an effective stress reliever.

6) Face, neck, shoulder and décolleté massage

When stress strikes, all hell can ‘breakout’ on your skin.

So complement your beauty regimen with a soothing massage every month to reduce the fatigue and muscle tension.

Happy mind, happy skin!


I understand that keeping up with the six-step beauty regimen can be a pretty challenging task for busy city-dwellers like us. Here’s my suggestion – engage a beauty professional to help you follow through with all six steps! Like how you would hire a gym instructor to help you with your body goals, hiring a beauty consultant would do the same for your beauty goals.

Due to my hectic schedule, I haven’t been able to give my skin its well-deserved TLC so I’ve been consulting the beauty experts at Phoenix La Beaute for professional beauty advice. And I’ve also been visiting them religiously for beauty treatments the past few months.

I must say I’ve noticed a tremendous improvement in my skin condition. My gaping pores are now much smaller, skin is smoother and less prone to breakouts. Even my mum who’s usually critical of my skin has been singing praises of its renewed condition.

So what makes Phoenix La Beaute so trustworthy? They cleanse my face thoroughly and carefully making sure they are gentle, especially around the delicate eye areas unlike manny others who usually tend to pull and tug the skin too hard.

They also sterilise all their comedone extractors before they carry out the extraction process.

Facial masks are customised to your skin types and needs so you can be sure that you won’t get a bad reaction from unsuitable beauty products.

Their beauticians also act as my ‘browticians’ too, removing stray hairs and ensuring that my brows stay in shape. 🙂

Finally, my most favorite feature – an upper body massage from the head to the décolleté after the extraction stage. This is complimentary for every facial session so you don’t have to pay extra for a relaxing massage.

Here’s a photo of me with Evin – one of my favorite beauticians at Phoenix La Beaute.

Phoenix La Beaute’s Evin and me.

If you’re worried that the extravagant-looking treatments above may cost an arm and a leg, you’ll be surprised! As mentioned earlier, the six-step regimen won’t cost you a bucket full of cash. Exclusive promotional offers at Phoenix La Beaute! Simply call 67334556 or SMS: JULIANA, Name, I/C to 8160 3888 to make your appointment.

Quote “Juliana” to redeem these exclusive promotional offers!

First trial Phoenix Classic Facial Treatment – SGD38 (Usual price of $280) (1st 20 to redeem the promotion will receive a free Microdermabrasion worth $100.)


First trial Phoenix Lipolysis Program – SGD38 (Usual Price $600) (1st 20 to redeem the promotion will receive M-Pulse Therapy)

*Promotion valid till 31th March 2014

Terms & Conditions: • First time customer age 21 and above • Resident in Singapore with valid NRIC or passes • Price quoted without GST • Not valid with other discounts or promotions

For more up-to-date news about the spa, visit their website at and Facebook page.

Of course, besides everything that I’ve mentioned above, also remember to adopt a good diet, exercise regularly and stay hydrated by drinking loads of water. On top of great skin and quintessential style, having a healthy body will also help you radiate beauty and confidence from head to toe.

Good luck my dear Honeyz Belles!

Your friend, Juliana


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