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5 Life-Saving Lip Hacks You Have To Know!

They say ‘loose lips sink ships’, I say ‘chapped lips sink everything’!

Unlike our skin, our lips do not have oil and sweat glands to keep them moist and to add fuel to the fire, they are also thinner than the skin on our face, hence, our lips are more vulnerable to chapping and sun damage.

So it is important to care and protect our lips to keep our pout in the best condition!

Trust me, applying skin-saving concoctions and gulping down glasses of water is not enough. To maintain your smooth luscious lips, you’ll need to put in more effort.

I’ve come up with a list of lip hacks to help you pay more than just lip service to your dry lip woes. 😛

Now let’s step up our lip game with these easy measures!

Guess what I’m going to do with this tub of sugar. 😛

If you’ve guessed ‘exfoliate’… Well, spot on my friend!

1) Exfoliate!

Like our skin, exfoliating the lips can remove the dry, dead skin covering the soft lips underneath. Regular scrubs can keep your lips smooth, fresh and plump.

Create a sugar-based scrub by mixing sugar and olive oil, then gently massage your lips with the scrub. This will also help to increase the circulation of blood to your lips and make them look smooth and red.

2) Hydrate!

Hydrate lips by applying a lip balm.

Well, not just any lip balm. As mentioned earlier, the skin on our lips are thinner so the sun can easily rob our lips of any spare moisture and eventually lead to photo-aging.

So remember to hydrate them with a lip balm that provides sun protection.

LJH’s Cellabel Lip Treatment SPF15 is my go-to sun protector for my lips. It contains natural ingredients and Vitamin E to keep my lips moisturised for hours after application while protecting it from awful sun rays or other environmental triggers like dry air and and cold winds.

Now that our lips are no longer dry and flaky, it’s time to dress them up!

We love our lipsticks but how do we make sure they stay put for hours?

3) The Loose Powder Trick

First, layer your lips with lipstick. Then hold one ply of tissue against your lips and dust them with some loose powder. Finish off with another layer of lipstick. Repeat this at least 3 times and your lipstick will last a lifetime. 😛

URGH! Lip stains!

This is another common problem that lipstick wearers dread. So keep lip stains off teeth with…

4) The rolled tissue trick

Roll a tissue and put it in your mouth to create an O shape on your lips. Make sure there are no spaces between the tissue and your mouth. Thereafter, slide the tissue out of your mouth. This will remove lipstick on your inner lips that may potentially bleed and stain your teeth.

Prolonged exposure to sun rays and constant use of straws can result in unsightly wrinkles. Even though it is impossible to get rid of them in a jiffy, we can certainly still hide them with makeup.

5) Use clear lip gloss!

Create the illusion of lush and plump lips with the help of colourless lip gloss. They mask wrinkles effectively without bringing the attention away from the lip color.

My favorite is this white pearl gloss from Esyoro. It provides a beautiful shine while yummifying my lips with its sweet aroma.

Lastly, keep lips moist and supple with lip-friendly foods like fruits and vegetables. Avoid spicy and salty food that may inflame and damage our lips. Also, our thin lip skin do not handle the hot sensation from hot drinks and soups well so make sure your fluids are not piping hot when you consume them.

The rule of thumb is to treat your lips like you would your face and you should have kiss-ready lips in no time.

Now pucker up!

Eh wait… My lip woes are not over. What lipstick should I use?

Do you have any tried and true lip solutions too? Let me know by commenting below! 😀

Your friend, Juliana


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