Expanding my Style-dom at Pan Pacific Hotel

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Honeyz Cube and wedding prep have been eating my weekends away.

Last month, I finally got to take a break and spend a hearty weekend with my fiancé at the Pan Pacific Singapore Hotel. Woo hoo!

The hotel's upscale interior boasts a well-manicured Japanese garden, expansive sun decks and finely crafted corridors that were absolutely photo-worthy.

And hey presto, we had an impromptu fashion shoot! 

Also, I'm going to share about a new eyewear website that redefined the word 'pronto' for me. They provide complimentary registered shipping that delivers in less than 48 hours. To top it off, they also offer a massive collection of designer shades that are not readily available in Singapore. Actually, I believe that they probably offer every eyewear design on the planet. Cowabunga!

Curious eh? Read on to find out more and of course also for my little 'Pan Pac Project Runway' fashion spread. :P

Glow Like a Star on your Wedding Day with My Cozy Room!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sponsored Review

We're officially one month away from the big big BIG Day! *cue wedding march*

Everything is in place from the invitations, decor, favours to... eh wait? I think I might be forgetting something. My face! 

It is still very undersupplied with moisture and radiance. I haven't been the kindest to my face as I've been very involved with other wedding tasks.

And now, we're only 30 days away. Just shoot me.

I've been rummaging through the internet for last minute bridal beauty tips and many of them suggested going to a reputable salon that understands the unique skincare needs of bride-to-bes. 

This means no harsh products or invasive procedures at this time. Facials should also focus on more than just the T-zone and cheeks but other regions too such as the lips, eyes and even the neck. Most importantly, they should be able to treat multiple skin problems while giving your face the glow that speaks of happiness.

Aaah... Exactly what I need and hopefully sans a steep price tag too as most of our wedding fund is already channelled to our dinner banquet. 

Guess what? My prayers were answered when My Cozy Room Boutique Spa invited me to try their Bridal Illuminating Premium Facial Treatment earlier this month! Woo hoo!

I tried the treatment and I must say, it ticked all the right boxes. 

Now read on to find out why this particular treatment has won effusive praise from top bridal publications. :)

Say hello to SUPER 10, with all the boxes priced at $10!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


This month, Black Box goes to infinity and beyond with not one, but THREE superhero themed boxes to satisfy your inner superhuman dreams.

Each box is aptly named after a superhero to represent their individual personalities. And of course, they also contain the divine products that every hero needs in their kit to save the world.

Very clever, Black Box.

And now click to crack the ultimate superhero code!