Thursday, August 14, 2014

Filming With BBC - the Black Box Channel :P

These days, I'm putting my hosting abilities to the test in beauty videos by BBC. No, I wasn't referring to Britain's broadcasting behemoth but's new Youtube channel - the Black Box Channel! Now does the acronym make sense? :P

I've done two videos with them so far and a third one is coming up soon. Woo hoo!

Giant cameras, heavy boom mics, silly banter, Line figurines and of course an awesome crew pretty much sums up my BBC video shoot experiences.

Here's a sneak peek of what went on behind the scenes!

Psst! Final videos included.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bridal Beauty Log: Achieving the Impossible at Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade)

This summer, vanity enters a whole new realm of possibilities for me.

Plagued by a host of skin problems, I always thought there was only so much I can do to keep the unwanted zits at bay. But since my big day is drawing near, I realised I was getting desperate.

Urgh! The pores are still as big as the antarctic ozone hole and the uneven skin tone - gosh, don't even go there.

So I began googling for quick remedies to get rid of stubborn skin problems and I chanced upon a local clinic, known as Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade) that is feted by bloggers and bride-to-bes for their advanced non-invasive skin care procedures.

I thought I struck gold! So I wasted no time booking an appointment with the clinic.

I've been there at least three times now and each time, I get one step closer to being the ultimate Glambassador Bride when the forces of technology successfully pit against the will of mother nature. Haha!

I'm astounded by the results and thought I should share it with you beauty-loving belles too. Read on!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Amp Up Your Fashion Cred with Ash Lapin!

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Whether it's the ultimate uptown glamor queen, girl-next-door or even biker chic look, you'll never run out of fashion get-ups at

As many of you probably already know, lapin means rabbit in french so I was extremely excited when Ashley, founder of Ash Lapin contacted me to collaborate with her on this post.

I knew I'd found a 志同道合的朋友 (meaning friend with similar tastes) and we can now delight in bunny camaraderie. Haha!

Exclusivity was also one of the reasons that drew me to her store. How many times have you spotted a wardrobe doppelgänger on the streets and the rencounter ended with both parties walking away sheepishly?

Many times in fact when I purchased my clothes from chain stores like Topshop, Forever21, H&M, etc. So I was glad to see this in her Facebook description: “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” Hence Ash Lapin exclusive is all about bringing designs in exclusive numbers to make sure one does not look like a mould from a factory."

Yup, I definitely don't wanna look like I just came out of a factory line so here it is - My Ash Lapin fashion repertoire! Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Getting Myself Made At The Glamourous Factory!

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Do you know that the skin around the neck is thinner, contains a different collagen composition and is more vulnerable to wear and tear as compared to your facial skin? Gulp!

And since a turkey neck and wrinkly décolletage are the earmarks of agingit is important to make sure you show equal or even more TLC to your neckline.

I'm still on a quest to becoming the ultimate glamazon bride so having a smooth and supple looking neck is certainly on the top of my vanity list now. :P

And what better way to achieve it than to visit The Glamourous Factory, an avid purveyor of beauty and style. :)

They not only offer a five-star menu of facial treatments by Guinot, they also provide nail care services as well as a mini yet spectacular wardrobe of fashionable pieces for you stylish trendsetters!

Read on to find how the folks at The Glamourous Factory plumped up my crepey neck skin in an hour!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Beauty Review: Addressing My Scalp Troubles With Yun Nam Hair Care


I've been enjoying my wedding planning status to the fullest with innumerable photoshoots for my Secret Garden Fairytale themed nuptials.

Since the photos are the most significant memorabilia of the wedding which are usually displayed for a lifetime AND probably shown to future generations, I need to make sure that they're perfect! :D

So I've been trying to keep myself in a tip-top condition from head to toe for the past three months with a healthy diet, nail treatments and hair dye jobs - which is of course not the best for my scalp.

Yup, I've had two dye jobs within two months. Oh, how my poor mane and scalp have suffered for the sake of art and vanity. 

The condition is now utterly deplorable with dry skin flaking off the scalp after every hair wash. Eek!

Since I've another wedding photoshoot coming up, I need to make sure I revert hair-tastrophe back to hair-bulous!

And so I visited the celebrated hair treatment expert, Yun Nam Hair Care. :)

Read on to find out if Yun Nam was able to restore my scalp to its former regal state!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Toast and Cheers: Our Pre-Wedding Video - The Cinderella Story Begins...

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away... Okay, it's not that far, just a 14-hour flight away, a wandering nomad crossed paths with a princess who's in a bit of a bind.

An evil curse has been cast upon her and now, she's trapped in a fairytale world. Doesn't sound like a bad predicament yea? Wrong! 

The caveat is - if the princess can't find her knight in shining armour by sunset, the spell will remain and she will be imprisoned in this magical dimension forever.

So will the humble nomad save the day?

Click to find out!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hush Puppies Apparel Summer 2014 Collection Debuts at VivoCity

Summer is not over until Hush Puppies says so!

This season, the most adorable puppy in fashion breaks new grounds with the introduction of their Summer 2014 collection "California Dreaming" that boasts an exciting mixture of tropical colors and prints.

Famed for their relaxed and classic designs and of course also for creating the world’s first casual shoe, Hush Puppies continues to embrace this unique heritage with breezy sun dresses, woven cropped shirts and stylish printed tops.

I was immensely honoured to be invited to Hush Puppies Apparel's first ever press event at Vivo City a few months ago. Not only did we get to savour some really delectable hors d'oeuvres, we were also treated to a summery fashion show that featured their signature multi-coloured polo shirts as well as the must-haves for this warm season!

On top of these, Hush Puppies also gave us one of their trademark polo tees as well as a very cute Basset Hound softie toy which I aptly named 'Pappy'. :P

Psst! Their new collection also offers an extensive selection for kid’s and baby’s wear that is perfect for a matchy-matchy summer day out for the family! :D

Fashion has never been better. Click for more photos of the event and my new friend, Pappy!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

65 Daigou - A Shopaholic's Haven!

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I first witnessed the glory of TaoBao when I organised a business delegation to participate in the APEC SME Summit in Hangzhou five years ago.

Since the conference was enthusiastically supported by's founder, Jack Ma, the event inherently included a major Taobao trade fair that was attended by more than 150,000 retailers, wholesalers and of course, zealous shoppers. :P

To be honest, I was overwhelmed by the magnitude of the event. Never in my life have I seen so many stores, types of products and passionate entrepreneurs all in one place. Not to mention, the millions of rmb being transacted within a few days.

For the exact numbers, you can check out here and here. (These links also contain press releases that I had written for the event).

Even though TaoBao was already a huge hit in China then, there was still excessive regulations and difficulties that prevented me from purchasing the products from Singapore. So I stuck to eBay and Gmarket.

Well today, the world has changed and digital boundaries are also less prevalent. With the sprawling network of TaoBao agents, we can now explore China's wholesale paradise and shop with ease.

But not every TaoBao agent is created equal. It took me ages before I found my shopping saviour that is reliable, customer oriented and reasonably priced.

Meet 65 Daigou, my new global shopping concierge. My wedding props arrived in one perfect piece from TaoBao just before my wedding shoot.

Read on to find out how fast it took via 65Daigou! :D

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Tackling the Gradient Eyeliner Trend

This season, we leap and bound to style with the gradient eyeliner trend!

We've seen gradient/ombre trends everywhere, from hair, clothes, accessories and even nails, but gradated makeup is still a rather unexplored realm in the beauty world. Or at least in this part of the world.

Beauty gurus all over the globe have been spotted with graduated eyeshadow looks and the Koreans have even taken it to the next level by extending the ombre fashion to their lips!

Well, we can't lose out! :P

They say the eyes are the windows to our soul so today, let's be the harbingers of a new makeup era and express our inner style-loving feelings with some really cool graduated liner looks too!

Click to join the beauty revolution! :D

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"My Love From The Star" Cheon Song Yi Bridal Makeup Tutorial

It's been four months since the South Korean TV series "My Love From The Star" wrapped up its improbable yet romantic love story, but fans are still not over it.

Its fashion is still the talk of the town and its makeup? Well, still highly feted by beauty-nistas and makeup artists all over the globe.

Everything its leading lady, Jun Ji Hyun (who plays Cheon Song Yi) touched turned into gold! Her trademark neon coloured lipsticks, adorable pj's and headbands have become absolute cult favorites.

So instead of pinning all my favorite Cheon Song Yi looks on a mood board, I decided to try the looks through a video tutorial. And my key inspiration? Her bridal look of course! I thought she looked stunning in it.

Click to watch the tutorial and other CSY inspired looks that I've created!

Monday, June 09, 2014

Bridal Beauty Log: My DIY Wedding Looks

A timeless, sleek bridal look need not come at a hefty price or with an exorbitant amount of makeup.

Oh wait, if you're expecting this to be another beauty tutorial to show you how I added the bit of oomph to the eyes or created the luscious cascading waves, you're not quite right.

As you already know, I decided to defy convention and DIY my own wedding looks for my photo shoot last month. Honestly, it was intimidating for a makeup novice like me but I realised later that all I needed was some good makeup tools, great sartorial choices and tons of practice.

I guess the rule of thumb is to keep the embellishments to a minimum and pick dresses that are not only imbued with panache but that also reflect your taste.

So I thought before I demonstrate how I did my makeup, I should first show you the different looks I've come up with for the shoot. 

Bonus! Also gonna showcase one of the photos from my wedding shoot. :P

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bridal Beauty Log: Wedding-Worthy hair by Shunji Matsuo

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"Disney gave me unrealistic expectations about hair." - Anonymous

Whoever who said that is indubitably spot on! Their hair always look soft, silky and voluminous!

And!!! They seem to have a life of their own too, always falling neatly back into place while they are dancing, singing, fighting evil witches and even when they are just getting out of bed. Pfft!

How unattainable can they get?!!

Just when I thought achieving princess-worthy wedding hair is just another forlorn fantasy, I met my hairy, I mean Fairy Godmother. And she's none other than the revered Shunji Matsuo Hair Salon. :)

Read on to find how Shunji Matsuo hair stylists took a page from Disney's style book and created the most flattering and manageable hairstyle for my Disney-themed wedding shoot!