Magic Pumpkin Series: Cinderella Pre-Wedding Photos

Friday, February 27, 2015

“Have courage and be kind…

Where there is kindness there is goodness, and where there is goodness there is magic.”

This March, Disney is all out to set our fairytale-loving hearts aflutter with the release of the
live-action retelling of the classic fairy tale - Cinderella. *shrieks*

I remember I was in the midst of planning my Disney-inspired wedding when I first caught a glimpse of this movie spectacular. (❤o❤)

It was a teaser poster that features the legendary glistening glass slipper of its beautiful protagonist, Cinderella. Think I kinda hyperventilated outside the GV cinema. Haha!

So to celebrate the opening of the movie next month, I'll be sharing all the Cinderella elements of our wedding - from the pre-wedding photos, props, photobooth to the dessert table. If you're a Cinderelly fanatic, be warned - your heart might get out of rhythm too. :P

And now, please allow me to present to you the first instalment of our Magic Pumpkin series - the Pre-Wedding photos.

How to Take Good Instagram Photos?

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The post you've been waiting for is finally here!

My apologies that it took so long as I've been totally swamped with wedding and Honeyz Cube affairs but as the saying goes - better late than never!


As mentioned the last time, taking pictures everyday actually gave me a different perspective about my surroundings and helped me produce more interesting photos. And it seemed like I've struck instagram gold with whatever I was doing because I've been getting a wee bit more followers and likes than before. Woo hoo!

As such, I've also been receiving requests through email and my social media channels for a post on how to take images that look clear and well-thought-out. Well, this entry is just what the doctor ordered. :)

I'll be sharing tips and tricks on how you can take great 'square-ready' photos with everyday items that won't cost you an arm and a leg.


I would like to reiterate that I'm not claiming to be some Instagram expert/celebrity. This article is more like a documentation of what I've observed and personally experienced using IG and which types of photos garner more followers and likes.

Here we go now!

Excuse Me, Are You Local?

Sunday, February 15, 2015


Have you ever thought that someone is Singaporean and then realized that they're actually not?

I have and these days, it is beginning to surprise me less.

Singapore is famed for its unique blend of cultures and recently, our melting pot seemed to have gotten bigger. As of last year, our population is made up of 70% local residents and 30% foreigners.

Haha! If you're wondering why I'm diverting from my usual beauty posts, it's because I've just caught the “Together, we can make it better” clip on TV and the feature actually made me realised that our close-knit multi-cultural community is our little island's most valuable resource.

How many countries actually have that?

Unfamiliarity does not scare us at all. In fact, I've foreign friends who can speak perfect Singlish and even my granny has recently picked up English and Bahasa Indonesian from our helper.

Amazing isn't it?

To be honest, the TVC also stirred up my emotions and here's why...