Make Skincare 'Moor' Effective with Eumora Facial Soaps

Monday, September 22, 2014


The Romans, Celts, and the Egyptians, have been a huge advocate of this organic ingredient. And apparently, while Queen Cleopatra wasn't indulging in her luxurious milk bath, she also fed her famed beautiful skin with this ingredient!

Now forget the Medieval age and fast forward to modern times, some of our biggest A-list celebs such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker and even Madonna are all also swooning over the wondrous health and aesthetics benefits of this ingredient!

So what is it? What's this huge beauty secret that everyone is keeping from us???

Well, ladies (and possibly many gentlemen), it's none other than the legendary moor mud!

Moor mud is derived from more than 1,000 herbs, plants, grasses and flowers that have decomposed into the waters, turning them into a wholesome medley of vitamins, minerals, plant-based hormones and other phytonutrients. Research has shown that the mud has amazing healing properties and can be used to treat a host of skin-related problems, intestinal and arthritic illnesses. Pretty impressive eh?

Hmm.. I know moor mud might sound like it is as unreachable as the stars but it really is not!

Because today, you can easily get your daily dose of moor mud through Eumora's Facial Bars! Whee!

Now click to unveil this ancient beauty secret! :D

ORBIS Petit Shake - The Superfood to Weight Loss?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

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We're officially 70 days away from the biggest event of my life and I'm still 3kg away from my ideal weight. Urgh!

I know it might not sound like a huge slimming goal but these 3kgs are as stubborn as an ox. They just won't go away. I've tried all kinds of cardio and workouts to rev up the calorie burn but I can still see them hanging on for dear life on my weighing scale. I've ran out of fat-torching tricks.

I figured it's my diet. That's the only thing I haven't given up on. :P

I'm still indulging in McD's every other day. I've sacrificed my french fries, I can't afford to lose the burgers too.

Many have suggested that I work juice cleansing or tea detoxing into my diet and I should see results sooner than I can say 3kg!

I reckon those are short term plans as you're only consuming fluids. Well, that dogma was overruled when I discovered meal replacement milkshakes by ORBIS! They're low-calorie milkshakes that contain 10 types of vitamins, iron and a water-soluble dietary fiber.

Many now believe that a high fat, low carb diet could jump-start your metabolism but this new product seems to claim otherwise, stating that it serves as a healthy diet option which could help one lose weight, despite containing more than 15g of sugar (net carbs) from fruit extracts and real fruit pulps per every 100g.

I've tried it for a week and also consulted a doctor for advice. So did it work and what did the doctor say about it? Could this be the ultimate game changer? Read on to find out!

Indulge in some Insta-Beau Buffet!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Instagram Photography is officially my new favorite hobby!

I've been trying to hone my skills as a product photographer for my beauty encyclopedia HoneyzCube.com, but what seemed like pure work initially turned out to be a helluva lot of fun!

Taking photos everyday actually gave me a different perspective about my surroundings and help me stay in tune with my camera.

Not only do I understand my camera's functions better now, the things that once looked mundane also appear more interesting. Be it furniture, lighting, little trinkets... They all look like they could jazz up any photo! Inspiration is everywhere!

So I thought I could flex my newly acquired skills in this post by sharing some favorite captures I've posted on Instagram. I'm calling it the Insta-Beau Buffet Series since I'm pretty sure I'll be posting similar entries soon.

Now click to check out what I've whipped up in the past few weeks!